ALL MY SONS at Coastal Rep.

Photo Credit: Hester Schell
Photo Credit: Hester Schell
Why see Arthur Miller’s ALL MY SONS,
Opening Friday, June 13, 2014 at Coastal Repertory Theatre?

Written in 1947 and based on a true story, ALL MY SONS is the story about how corruption and cover-up destroy a family: When defective aircraft engine parts wind up in fighter planes, Air Force pilots die. As a family waits for their missing-in-action son to come home from the war, his betrothed knows in her heart he’s gone.  She wants to move on. Why can’t his mom and dad? Guilt: It has a way of festering.

Apart from being one of the best American plays (New York Drama Critics Award, multiple TONY award winner) by one of America’s most important writers, Arthur Miller’s ALL MY SONS remains relevant, poignant, and politically alive. The plot points in this play echo the scandals surrounding the defects with the Black-Hawk helicopters, which have killed so many soldiers in freak air accidents. The scandal dissected in ALL MY SONS continues to be relevant to contemporary audiences.  It opens Friday night and plays through June 20 at Coastal Repertory.This play is political theater at its best. Don’t miss it.  Robert Pickett directs.




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