Midcoast Community Council Agenda, 7pm Wed, May 14th

(7:00) Call to Order -- Councilmember self-introductions

1. Board of Supervisors’ Report and Reports from other Government Officials

2. Public Comment (Anyone may speak up to 3 minutes on any topic not on the agenda. Please fill out a speaker slip. The Council may not discuss or take action on items not on the agenda.)

3. Consent Agenda (Items generally approved as a group without discussion, unless requested to be moved to Regular Agenda for discussion)
a. Approve Minutes for April 9, 2014.
b. Approve Minutes for April 23, 2014.

4. Regular Agenda – The Council may take action on the following items:
a. (7:15) Coastside Emergency Corps Formation and Proposed Organization.
Presentation by Nick Gottuso, County OES Coastside District Coordinator.
Desired Outcome: Receive the information and provide feedback.

b. (7:45) SamTrans Proposal to Eliminate Weekend Bus Service on Sunshine Valley Road. Presentation by SamTrans personnel.
Desired Outcome: Receive the information and provide feedback.

c. (8:15) Devil’s Slide Ride – Presentation by Diana Conti, CEO of Parca, on route and timing of a recreational bike ride and Parca fundraiser proposed to pass through the Midcoast on Hwy 1 on Saturday, June 28.
Desired Outcome: Receive the information and provide feedback.

5. Council Activity – Correspondence received & meetings attended

6. Future Agendas
May 28 – DPW presentation on unpermitted encroachments in the public right of way.
County Vector Control presentation on their use of rodenticides.

(9:00) Adjournmen


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