Bobbie's Looks Open, but it's not—Just Yet

Bobbie's Cafe (Bobbi's Coffee Shop) is closer than ever to opening. Fingers crossed and lucky penny in your pocket may help.

Close your eyes and inhale aromas of buttered toast, crispy hash browns and bacon. Picture the friendly and familiar faces of cooks and servers of Bobbi’s Coffee Shop. Now picture yourself at your favorite seat at the counter. Yes, it’s about to happen, Bobbi’s—now Bobbie’s Café—will open.

It’s just a matter of when.

“Very soon,” says new owner Bill Dancer.

It would have been August if the stars and moon had aligned and he had a magic wand to make everything go smoothly, but as it stands, Dancer is hoping that one day his pat answer of “two weeks” really will mean two weeks—or less.

Here’s what he has posted now on the doors to the coffee shop that was shuttered by officials March 9 when the previous owner—not the diner’s namesake—failed to pay rent.

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

It has been a long and winding road to re-opening Bobbie’s and we are almost there. We are currently finalizing the renovations for special needs access for both the unisex restrooms and the reconfiguration parking lot area.

“When will you be open?” is the $64,000 question everyone wants to know. We are pushing hard to open the doors as quickly as we can and looking forward to seeing all of you very soon. The standard answer is two weeks, the truthful answer is we just (Saturday) fixed the broken service line for water to Bobbie’s and finalized the special needs corrections for a final approval from the city and the county health department. The parking lot will need to be restriped; no problem.

We are proud to say that 95% of the staff and cooks are returning; as you can see, the menu and prices are exactly the same. We have scrubbed, hammered and fixed up the “old girl” to sparkle and shine once again for all to enjoy!

We truly appreciate and are grateful for everyone’s support and patience during the café getting a much needed facelift. Many have stopped by to say “it looks the same, but much better.”

Thank you so much and look forward to seeing you very soon,

Janet and Bill Dancer

Read more about the background of Bobbi’s Coffee Shop in the related stories in this link.

sistersilverhair November 28, 2012 at 07:54 PM
Great! Now that we've all moped and whined about it closing down, let's jam the doors when they open, and keep coming back. Put our money where our mouths are---or our mouths where our money is. Both, at Bobbie's! And please, oh, please, bring Nancy back! The best waitress in America! (There's one more, at Pancake Pantry in Nashville. But Nancy's the Best in the West.)
Anne Ernst November 28, 2012 at 11:56 PM
And the menu and prices will stay the same!


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