Half Moon Bay Women Bust a Move Against Violence

More than two dozen women lined-up in the New Leaf parking lot Thursday and performed choreographed dance routines to a cheering audience.

The event Thursday at the New Leaf Community Market in Half Moon Bay was part of the One Billion Rising global dance event, aimed at raising awareness for the issue of domestic violence. The group staged identical events around the world, with people performing choreographed dance routines to a song called Break the Chains.

One Billion Rising began as a call to action based on the statistic that 1 in 3 women on the planet will be beaten or raped during her lifetime. So on Feb. 14, 2013, V-Day’s 15th anniversary, people across the world expressed their outrage at violence toward women and demanded change in locally organized flash mobs — surprise performances of a choreographed dance.

"It's inspiring to see the transformation some women go through after participating in this dance and event, many who have been victims or know someone who has been a victim of some kind of violence in the past, it’s very empowering," said Half Moon Bay resident and belly dancing instructor Dasha Bogdanoff-Jerabek, who organized the event with friend Barbara Roulette, a Montara resident who teaches Zumba classes.

"By participating in One Billion Rising, you’re showing the world that violence against women and girls is the central issue of our time and will no longer be tolerated," said Bogdanoff-Jerabek. "This is something we may do every year here in Half Moon Bay, and hopefully with even more people."

Where you there? Tell us about it in the comments.

Dasha Bogdanoff Jerabek February 15, 2013 at 06:57 PM
Thank you so much!!! The event was a powerful success for all who attended and/or all in the audience! I would like to thank YOU for coming on out to support our efforts and our One Billion Rising Cause! This article is priceless and will reach more people in our little community to continue to raise awareness to stop violence towards women and girls!! It all starts in our own homes, in our own communities and in our own hearts.... I am so happy that so many HEARTS showed up on "V"alentine's Day at the New Leaf Market in Half Moon Bay and I can imagine, ALL OVER THE GLOBE!! Thanks again for getting the word out there for us! All your efforts and participation is deeply and heart-fully appreciated!! ~Dasha B.
Pegi Chesney February 15, 2013 at 07:37 PM
I am so happy that Dasha put this together. I was there and I was thrilled to see HMB get involved. I then went to SF Civic Center with 1000's of others and heard Mayor Ed Lee make the pledge to STOP THE VIOLENCE. We are long family friends of Eve Ensler's the founder of V-DAY. So we do as much as we can to support her. We were in New Orleans for the 10th anniversary at the Super Dome. We have seen most of her plays and have supported her throughout. V-Day started 15 years ago with the opening of the Vagina Monologues and since then has raised over 70 million dollars and has reached over 190 countries. Eves main focus has been in Congo where she has built the City of Joy safe house where women can stay safely to avoid the atrocities of female genitalia mutilation that occur minute by minute. Raising awareness here has opened up the eyes of people who before knew nothing of this. Eve is a powerful women who is on a mission to once and for all end the violence to women and children. Please go to www.vday.org and support this effort. And lets keep RISING!!! Thanks again Dasha...
Dasha Bogdanoff Jerabek February 16, 2013 at 10:20 AM
Thanks so much Pegi for coming out to Half Moon Bay New Leaf Market and supporting, Dancing and Rising with us! It was a pleasure to meet you and share the powerful energy that this "V" Day is bringing to many around the globe! It was a powerful song with empowering dance movements and many wish that we would continue to do this dance on the coast!! I told them that we will do this every year and many said that they wanted to continue doing the dance everyday!! I am still doing the dance and sending out the positive vibrations for world awareness and healing for ALL women and girls on our Mother Planet!! Men and boys are becoming more aware of this too and it is a most powerful movement that is healing ALL!! Thank YOU Eve Ensler, thank you Pegi, thank you to all that participated on "V"alentine's Day and continue to support an end to violence and abuse towards Women and Girls!! Yes, Pegi, lets keep RISING!! XOX ~Thank you Pegi


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