How to Buy Crab Off the Boat in Half Moon Bay

Even Coastsiders will want to use this new app for a complete list of fishermen to call, text or email to reserve crab ahead of time.

If you're a true Coastsider, then you already have your hook up for getting the freshest crab off the docks. But sometimes even the locals need a little extra help reserving pounds of their beloved crab ahead of time especially during the holidays.

That's why every Coastsider should have on hand the popular new CrabLine feature in the FishLine Mobile App, giving you a list of fishermen to call, text or email to reserve your crab or fish ahead of time at Pillar Point Harbor. It’s part of the FishLine Mobile App where users can click on CrabLine or on any "Fresh Seafood" post.

Half Moon Bay has one of the largest concentrations of Dungeness crab with more than 50 commercial boats fishing off  Pillar Point Harbor, the last working fishing harbor between San Francisco and Monterey.

Use the FishLine mobile app or FishLine Web  to find out who is selling crab locally.

You can also check out the Visit  Half Moon Bay PDF which gives a good summary of “all the things crab” along the Half Moon Bay Coastside.


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