La Honda Residents Asked to Conserve Water

Recent storms have stirred up the region's main water source and is not at acceptable levels for state and federal drinking standards.

Residents in an area of La Honda are being advised by the San Mateo County Department of Public Works today to conserve water after stormy weather has stirred up the region's main water source, the department director said.

Recent storms have led to high turbidity in the Alpine Creek, which is the source for less than 100 customers in the La Honda area, director Jim Porter said.

The water district has a tank of water that cannot be replenished at the usual rate because the creek's clarity is not at acceptable levels for state and federal drinking standards.

Until the sediment settles in about three or four days after the storm, the district is importing water from a source three miles away and asking residents to scale back on water usage.

"We're just asking people while we have these rainstorms to use less water from the tank," Porter said.

Porter assured there is no risk of the system running out of water and that the weather is expected to be dry the rest of the week, giving the creek a chance to settle so pumping can continue.

Only this water district is affected by the high turbidity of the creek, Porter said.

More information about water conservation can be found at watercasa.org/water-saving-info.

— Bay City News

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