Letter to the Editor: Harbor Commission Acting Against Public's Interest

The author raises some concerns over the San Mateo County Harbor District's board of commissioners.

I have recently become familiar with the actions of the San Mateo Harbor Commission and the Harbor staff. I believe that they are acting against the public interest. Many of their actions may likely be illegal, for example their eviction process. They and the Harbor staff have failed to correct sewage contamination problems for a year or more. Their accounting practices are unacceptable for a variety of reasons including their inability to bill correctly or collect monies due. They have not properly considered a move to substantially less expensive office space. 

The Commissioners are being paid about $1,000 per hour plus benefits to and beyond the grave. Three seats are open to reelection, Commissioners Holsinger, Tucker and Bernardo. The public should know what is happening before the next election.  

Recently Comissioner Holsinger brought a costly action against Comissioner Brennan for making her contact information public! Commissioners Hosinger, Tucker and Parravano are still concealing their contact information. They are the only elected officials in the County that don’t make their contact information publicly available. The commission recently stopped video taping meetings. 

At the meeting-before-last, Comissioner Holsinger appeared to be texting and emailing on his handheld during the meeting. When I contacted Comissioner Holsinger earlier about the problems at the Marinas he told me, “The board doesn’t like to get involved in the day-to-day operations of the Marina.”  

President Bernardo has been very even handed. Commissioner Brennan is extremely interested in the Public Good. She is fighting a losing battle against the cronyism of some Commissioners and the Harbor staff.  Please contact her to see how you can help our community. She can be easily reached at Sabrina@DFM.comor seen at http://sabrinabrennan.com.

The Commission has meetings twice a month at 6 PM, once in Half Moon Bay, once in South San Francisco. The next meeting is December 4, 2013, 6pm in Half Moon Bay at the Comfort Inn. I was told the Commission was recently asked to find another facility due to the shouting at the meetings disturbing the residents of the Inn. 

Thank You,

Paul Mahler, Redwood City


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