Man Sleeps with Girlfriend’s Corpse; Beach Radiation is Not From Japan; Target Worker Saves Kidnapped Kid

Plus, partying teens trash family house and more.

Surfer's Beach, El Granada
Surfer's Beach, El Granada

Welcome to the first version of Northern California’s daily roundup!

The story raising eyebrows today around the greater Bay Area comes from Santa Cruz, where a 63-year old man is on trial for murdering his 30-year old girlfriend and sleeping next to her corpse for two weeks.

From Santa Cruz Patch:

“John Clauer not only brutally murdered his 30-year-old alcoholic girlfriend in the bed they shared near the Beach Boardwalk, but he slept with her decomposing dead body in the studio apartment for two and a half weeks," a prosecutor said Tuesday.

In his opening statement, prosecutor Jeff Rosell said Clauer, 63, told police that the bad smell coming from his apartment was rotting garbage, but it was actually the body of Heather Stearns, who had been killed in the bed and was still there.

Elsewhere around the Bay, headlines include partying teens, suspect radiation and the death of a beloved high school basketball scorekeeper. Read on.

DA: Man Murdered Girlfriend and Then Slept in Bed With Her for Two Weeks

Congressman Honors Beloved Scorekeeper Peder Andersen

Partying Teens Trash Moraga Home While Family Is On Vacation

Man Arrested After Attempting Bank Robbery With Illegible Note

Half Moon Bay Beach Radiation Not From Fukushima, Officials Say

Police Credit Target Employee With Tip That Found Abducted Child


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