Mavericks is Friday — Expect Big Waves ... and Traffic

Traffic in 2013 during Mavericks Invitational
Traffic in 2013 during Mavericks Invitational
Coastsiders should prepare for a very heavy traffic day Friday. The Mavericks Invitational Surf Contest is in town and traffic jams are expected to back up Highway 1 and Highway 92 all day long. With the excellent weather conditions, San Mateo County emergency officials say they are expecting lots of people driving into the area with traffic backing up the roads.

No parking signs line Highway 1 from the Half Moon Bay Airport down to the Beach House Inn just before Surfer's Beach in El Granada. All roads leading to Pillar Point Harbor in Princeton are closed off too. Parking will be available for $20 at Half Moon Bay Airport. Locals are encouraged to walk or ride their bikes to the event.

Cabrillo Unified School District (CUSD) will hold classes as usual on Friday and soccer practices are on and Gymtowne in Moss Beach is open as well so parents and caregivers should expect delays in getting children to school and afternoon activities.

An automated call went out CUSD parents urging them to carpool to school to reduce the flow of traffic on Friday.

Commuters should also expect delays during the late morning and afternoon commute hours getting to work. 

Festival organizers and the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office say they will do what they can to avoid the long traffic jams that backed up the roads for hours at last year's event.

Joan S. Dentler January 24, 2014 at 01:34 PM
Great coincidence: Mavericks surf contest happening on 30th anniversary of the Mac whose latest operating system (OS), is MAVERICKS!


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