Psychics Predict 2014: A Gentler Year, More 'Perky,' and Maybe a Volcano Eruption

Last year was a "nose to the grindstone," one psychic says, but 2014 will be "perky."

2014 will be a gentler year, said one Bay Area psychic.
2014 will be a gentler year, said one Bay Area psychic.
By Jennifer Ford and Brad Kava

Some scary and some positive things will arrive in 2014, according to area psychics, including a strong economy, a volcano eruption and a disaster in China.

Our friends at Santa Cruz Patch, who know that the beachside town is home to plenty of forward thinkers, asked a few local psychics for their predictions.

Here's what they had to say:

Elizabeth Good sees China in the news with "something difficult. "It feels to me like something involving large numbers of people, possibly a large public disaster, such as a train wreck with a significant release of toxic material, affecting many."

Good, who does readings by phone or in person with appointments at her website,  can get very specific. She thinks Iceland will be in the news this year (possibly with a big volcano eruption)  as will North Korea (which will make a lot of noise but do no damage). She thinks the Netherlands may refuse to remain a part of the European Union.

In the religion field, she foresees a new archeological dig will unearth evidence of Jesus' lineage, and the new Pope will advocate more strongly for gay rights and fulfill his role as a uniter, not a divider. 

A new species of fish may be discovered off the coast of Africa; there will be flooding in Asia, and there will be a glamorous world event. Not like a royal wedding, but like a large diamond that has never been seen before. Speaking of discoveries, Russia will discover a new star in the sky. 

Santa Cruz will be in the news for something uplifting, fun and wonderful that will occur in the late spring. "It feels to me like a flash mob that gets millions of hits on YouTube or something with amazing community spirit addressing and healing a divisive national (or even worldwide) issue."

"Most people will find the upcoming Year of the Horse to be far gentler personally, climate-wise, and politically than this past Year of the Snake. (Year of the Snake included ...(the) 1989 earthquake , 2001 — known for September 11th of that year — and the 1929 stock market crash."

Psychic Michelle Lea sees the world's economy improving in 2014, she says. "I don't feel any severe natural disasters. It will be changing in a very positive way. I do feel some minor things in California, such as a minor disaster."

Countries already affected by disasters will be picking up and will be supported by worldwide efforts and charities, she says. 

As for people struggling without jobs: "Tell them that their jobs are going to be OK. People who have been having a hard time with the medical field, like at the hospital, tell them they don't have to be so concerned or worried because there are new and better and positive things coming for them."

Her family psychic business has been open for 20 years. 

Psychic Susie Stevens says that as we leave the pull of Jupiter and enter a phase of Cancer, things will challenge limits. "We have to be judicious," she says. "Cancer can expand the waistline, everything."

Last year was a "nose to the grindstone," she says, but 2014 will be "perky."

"Things are going to start happening. Fearful people are going to take a baby step and then a giant step." A lot of people will create their own jobs, channeling their own creativity, she says. 

"If they were an artist and feel they had to compromise their creative work to maybe doing graphic art for a company when their heart of hearts was really to be self-employed, they are going to go back and find that they kind of combine the solid job that they obtained that they were lucky to find and combine it with the cocreation of doing both things.

"They are starting to make the money that they felt they lost, but the good thing that’s coming up is that people have learned from this painful experience that hitting the bottom was losing everything or having family members that came to live with them. It's more. It's more like a high level vibration spirituality where people got to know their neighbors or who came out, who came through for them and who didn’t, so it's almost like the recovery process."


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