Yellow Page Art?

One local woman turns them into art projects, others use them as a booster seat. What else can we use them for?

Yellow Pages books pile up on in the recycling bins every year, and a recent article states that they may not be going away any time soon.

Smart phones and the Internet have pretty much turned them into massive wastes of paper, or have they?

Debi Thompson-Boring of Scotts Valley uses hers as a base for painting projects.

"I wanted to put some Mixed Media art onto some pieces of wood, but the wood I had was pretty bumpy, so I needed something to cover it with before I added the paint," explains Thompson. "I have several old phone books and Yellow Pages in my art studio for catching drips of paint and gesso and glue. I decided to just rip off some pages and glue to the wood, then cover with a coat of gel medium. Then I applied the paint and I loved the texture that peeked through, so continued to use them," said Thomspon.

The Scotts Valley artist considers her art "just a hobby," but her work is really quite impressive. She also uses pages of books and dictionaries as well as the Yellow Pages.

"If you look closely, you can see the texture from the type. You can also see the gesso on the top page of the Yellow Pages after I use it under a project," said Thompson.

Very crafty.

Other Facebook users commented on the Santa Cruz Patch page:

"Used it to elevate my computer monitor and, in the past, as a door stop," said Melanie Fisher. 

Patch columnist David Jay Brown suggests turning them into a paper mache project.

What do you use your Yellow Pages book for? Share it in the comments!

Lisa January 14, 2013 at 12:22 AM
I think the Yellow Pages should be donated to Mission Hill Middle School. Let's see what Ms. Crocetti's art students can do with them!


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