Mauro Ffortissimo Needs $500 More on Kickstarter to Complete Piano Project

Ffortissimo has five days to reach the $23,000 amount to make the sunset piano project a reality.

Credit: Kickstarter
Credit: Kickstarter

He's baaack!

The Twelve Pianos project and documentary by Mauro Ffortissimo is putting a dozen pianos on the San Mateo coastline to play for the whales.

Ffortissimo created this Kickstarter project to make possible a unique performance art project, and the documentary film about it is already underway. By pledging $10, donors can join the "Sunset Piano Secret Society" where they will be alerted of the locations and times of the pianos, which will not be made available to the public. 

Kickstarter is a crowdsource funding platform where entrepreneurs and inventors can ask supporters to help donate. Ffortissimo needs to raise $23,000 on Kickstarter to make his project a reality by Monday, July 15. As of 9:35 p.m. on Tuesday, July 9, Mauro needs $560.  

The $23,000 will include: 

  • Piano acquisition and moving
  • Repairs and tuning 
  • Piano maintenance and protection during installation
  • Equipment and truck rentals
  • Moving crew
  • Rewards expenses 
  • Film production and post production by Dean Mermell www.storyfarm.tv

Members of the "Sunset Piano Secret Society" will receive by email a pdf of a special, hand drawn map of their locations as the crew approaches the time of their deployment. Members can print it out and spend a day or two touring the installations. Members will also receive updates about specific times and locations of performances by well known bay area musicians and other "piano happenings", as well as updates to the project as they happen.

The project also lives on forever in a book, Sunset Piano

This history: 

Mauro Ffortissimo is a northern California artist and musician. In February 2013 he brought a grand piano to a bluff overlooking the Pacific and played during every sunset for two weeks. It struck a nerve, and thousands of people came. So did the media (Google "Sunset Piano" and see what happens...more links below). By Valentines day, Sunset Piano was something of an international phenomena. When asked why he did it, Ffortissimo said, "I wanted to play for the whales". 

The current plan: 
In early July, Mauro is planning to deploy twelve pianos at select locations along the beautiful San Mateo coastline. Anyone can come and play a piano by the sea, anytime. He's inviting some incredible bay area musicians to join him in bringing attention to the fragile state of the world's oceans, as well as the near extinction of the "personal" piano. 

Piano manufacturing has dwindled, and the neglect of acoustic pianos has caused thousands of them to end up in landfills. The "Twelve Pianos" project will focus the spotlight on two species with uncertain futures.

The pianos will remain for approximately two weeks, or until the powers that be force their removal. We hope you'll join our campaign to learn more and to show your support for this unusual guerrilla art project. 

Dana Meyer July 10, 2013 at 12:45 PM
Polluter, publicity hound, self important self promoter—burning a piano on public land without a permit as art, and he wants contributions to continue silliness of this sort? What this attention addict needs is a long period of media silence.
Kristina Minem July 10, 2013 at 06:07 PM
Yes, I don't see how this can be made a reality if he doesn't obey environmental laws... playing piano for the whales? I'd rather see $23,000 go to real efforts to save coastal habitats- and see it done by law abiding citizens. Simple question: has any of those $23,000 dollars gone towards asking for permission? I don't get to do a bonfire without making sure it doesn't negatively impact the surrounding environment, I don't see why Mauro thinks he can be excused from doing the same.
nancy b. July 11, 2013 at 12:12 PM
Thanks to the two commenters above for expressing the reality of this "documentary". Mauro seems to think he is above the law. How much of that 23 grand is going towards what the taxpayers are paying the park service to remove the pianos? What happens if some prankster pushes a piano off the cliff onto highway one and hurts or kills someone? It would be a relief to see the media point out both sides of this story, for once.


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