Hospital Adds Safety Measures to Maternity Ward

A state-of-the-art infant monitoring system -- called the “Safe Place” -- has been installed to prevent an infant abduction or “code pink.”

San Gorgonio Hospital is ensuring that babies born in its care are as safe as possible.

A state-of-the-art infant monitoring system -- called the “Safe Place” -- has been installed to prevent an infant abduction or “code pink.” The system uses soft bands to track the newborns movements. Sensors are placed around the maternity ward and if a baby is taken near an exit, the doors lock automatically and an alarm is sounded.

The new technology was installed on July 26.

“This is one more step in protecting our kids from a Code Pink,” said Janis Jacobson, registered nurse, in a statement. “It gives people peace of mind, that there’s a safe hospital here in town. We have all these safeguards to keep their babies protected.”

The device was developed by nurses and allows for easy adjustability and has a variety of alarms and notifications, according to a hospital press release.

“These are great features for the future,” said Dan Mares, director of engineering.

Valerie Ramirez, who gave birth to her son David on July 24 at the hospital, was happy to have her son wear the Safe Place monitor.

“I had my first baby here,” Ramirez said. “I wish my first baby had had this monitor.”

“It’s comforting knowing that so many security measures are in place,” she added. “It’s a relief.”

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Diego Rose August 03, 2012 at 12:34 AM
Wow patch, thanks for reporting all of the super important information on the hospital. I love how the Grand Jury investigative report has never been mentioned, yet you felt it important to tell everyone how they might other wise attempt to thwart the new baby saving technology in the hospitals maternity ward. . . . To my knowledge no infant has ever been abducted from the facility yet millions of tax payed dollars are!!! Loma Linda has started and finished a hospital, in it's entirety, and yet we sit by and watch the antics continue here with stories of increased construction cost. Which is untrue!! Do the community some good and stop giving people fluff!!! Why not report of the stuff that might actually make a huge difference to the entire community. . . . I would love to have my hospital back from the individuals whom are profiting on our backs. Yes it is true and yes it could be proven if given the opportunity. Everyone's apathy towards the subject of misappropriation's is mind boggling to me. What are you afraid of? You scared they won't call you with the next feel good short story? Come on, try and be journalist.
Matthew Schoenmann August 03, 2012 at 01:19 AM
"Approve response to 2011-2012 Grand Jury Report" is on the agenda for the hospital's board of directors meeting on Aug. 7.
Diego Rose August 03, 2012 at 06:30 PM
The Press Enterprise has already responded to the report and added the governments suggestions. Again, just what the hospital gives? That's all Pass Area resident's get from local news sources even when they've been spoon fed the story from the beginning. All the feel good stories must be REALLY important huh? Try and get the stories from both sides!The problem with going to the hospital board meeting is that the information presented has already been decided on in collusion prior to.Same story, different day. The sooner people realize the BS we are being fed, first by the hospital exec's, then by the local news sources, the sooner we can begin to fix things. SGMH's expansion project is the biggest joke in the state. See St. Judes state of the art 5 story expansion for $125 mil, or Loma Linda's new hospital in Wildomar. Look up Turner's construction index to see how construction prices have fallen since 2008!The list goes on and on. WAKE UP PEOPLE.You've been HAD! I have a story that the Exec's have yet to have answers for. Why not answer honest questions in a open public forum to help the community understand how the project has been formulated since it's inception between Brim and ProWest. There really is a laundry list of conflicting situations that need clarification. Ask Mark Turner the CEO why I was asked to leave the hospital by the director of Human Resources while visiting a friend in the ER. They have done a great job at giving fluff and you continue to buy it! Sad.
Diego Rose August 03, 2012 at 06:40 PM
I've been attending the hospital's board meeting's for years and getting swept under the rug ever since I started raising questions. I have attended these meeting in the capacity of an employee and also as a tax paying citizen. I find it ironic that you are going to attend a quick board meeting and report on what the hospital exec's decide to spoon feed you, and there by us! Wanna hear another side of why we are where we are now with the project and with our current hospital's organization? I have one that is more than disturbing but true. Again, I have all of the same information that I gave to the Grand Jury, you want to see it or are you just looking for more fluff?
Matthew Schoenmann August 03, 2012 at 06:48 PM
I actually posted that article you're referencing, which the PE ran on July 12, to this site. Yes, we will continue to post other news that happens at the hospital while this Measure A stuff plays out. I would encourage you to blog about this issue, which you are so passionate about, on Patch.


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