AAA: Bay Area Gas Prices Up Slightly From Last Month

It's currently costing about two cents more per gallon than it did last month to fill up your tank in the Bay Area.

By Bay City News Service:

 AAA officials announced this week that the average price of Bay Area gas increased slightly compared to last month and is close to California's statewide average. 

 The monthly announcement Tuesday of AAA's Fuel Gauge Report, which surveys more than 100,000 gas stations nationwide, found a gallon of gas in the Bay Area costs $4.15, two cents more than a month ago. The average cost per gallon is $4.14 statewide and $3.65 across the nation. 

 The report showed slight increases in average gas prices throughout the Bay Area, with the only reported drop occurred in Concord, which currently averages $4.12 per gallon. 

 San Francisco averaged the highest price in the Bay Area at $4.24 while Santa Cruz held the lowest average at $4.08. Northern California's average of $4.14 shows a two-cent drop from AAA's last survey released June 10. 

 AAA's report noted that while the national average has fallen for 10 consecutive days, the current price is still 18 cents more than last year's average on this date. 

 To help conserve gasoline, AAA advises motorists to keep tires at their recommended pressure, perform routine maintenance on fluids, belts and hoses and to avoid sudden starts and stops as often as possible.

carole mason July 13, 2014 at 12:25 PM
Ok you folks who continue to vote for these idiots here is a quote form the ca.gov website: "California is a net importer of oil. It produces only about 37.2 percent of the petroleum it uses. In 2007, the state spent nearly $50 billion for gasoline and $9.7 billion for diesel. Petroleum-based fuels account for 96 percent of the state's transportation needs. The dependence on a single type of transportation makes Californians vulnerable to petroleum price spikes." so with all of your screaming about petroleum based fossil fuels and green house gasses the people you have elected for 30 years democrats, do nothing about it and the democrat majority in this state do not want to do anything about it. So you can kiss my " I vote for the other guy's" you know what.


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