Fresh From the Fields

Check roadside stands this week for fresh green beans.


If they run short of peas, squash or fava beans at Marsh & Sons roadside stand on Highway 92, they don't have to go far for a fresh supply. The vegetable stand sits literally right in front of the fields where they're grown.

Manuel Vega is running the stand for the family, selling fresh strawberries for $8 a box, local honeycomb and jars of honey, squash flowers, and beans and peas by the box. "Most people say this is the best place for peas," he said.

Marsh & Sons emphasize that their vegetables are grown without pesticides.

According to the Half Moon Bay Chamber of Commerce, the most recent data shows that vegetable and field crops were valued at nearly $17 million in San Mateo County.

Do you can or freeze vegetables, fruits and berries when they're frash, or only eat produce that's in-season?  Tell us in the comments.


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