GoPro IPO: Wall Street Goes Wild for GoPro

Founded here on the coastside, the company is now based in San Mateo. Good news--it's hiring.

The GoPro 3 is reasonably priced, and a videographer's dream. (Photo: GoPro)
The GoPro 3 is reasonably priced, and a videographer's dream. (Photo: GoPro)
If you're a surfer, chances are you own a GoPro.

It's gone from Half Moon Bay start-up to must-have gadget to Wall Street darling--shares of GoPro's Initial Public Offering soared as high as the daredevils who use the cameras.

The IPO was priced at $24 a share, with investors snapping up as many shares as they could gather. That pushed the stock's price up 31 percent Thursday, its first day of trading.

Invented by a surfer on the San Mateo County coastside and now based in the city of San Mateo, the company raised $427 million in the IPO as the company broadens its focus to include distribution of its videos.

The company has already struck deals with Virgin America and Sony. YouTube views of GoPro-produced videos have already racked up a billion views in 2014.

GoPro generated nearly a billion dollars in revenue last year.

The company valuation following the IPO is $3 billion.

That's a lot of billions.

And now to millions--know any newly-minted millionaires following the IPO?

GoPro has dozens of job openings. The company is located at 3000 Clearview Way in San Mateo.


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