Hillsdale Shopping Center Puts Renovation On Hold

Initial plans, now suspended, included to add a luxury cinema and outdoor dining.

The Hillsdale Shopping Center has announced it will temporarily suspend its application to renovate the North Block of its property.

The shopping center made the decision after careful consideration and with a desire to more thoroughly evaluate the market and to better understand their options to enhance the already tremendous offerings of Hillsdale, company officials said last week.

The shopping center initially submitted their plans to renovate in late March 2013.

“Due to changing market conditions, we plan to take additional time to further analyze all potential options in order to bring the best possible addition to our San Mateo community,” Robert Webster, President and CEO of Bohannon Development Company, said in a statement.

“Once we have more fully explored the options available to us we will resubmit plans to enhance and improve the shopping experience at the center.”

While the shopping center’s goals of revitalizing and enhancing an aging portion of the facility and to better accommodate changes along 31st Avenue remain in place, they are studying the best way to achieve them.

In the meantime, the shopping center will continue its efforts to improve its offerings.

Hillsdale Shopping Center has not set a definitive timeline to resubmit the project. Initial plans included to add a luxury cinema and outdoor dining.


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