POLL: Is the Gay Content in EA's Games Inappropriate?

Electronic Arts is getting a lot of flack from family groups for having gay and lesbian content in some of its games, like 'Sims 3' and 'Star Wars: The Old Republic.'


Redwood City-based video game company Electronic Arts (EA) has joined the ranks of similar companies that have come under fire for including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) content in some of their games. However, the company is less than thrilled about being inducted into the club.

Examples of the criticized content include such scenes as a lesbian marriage proposal and a kiss between two male military officers in "Sims" games, and the option for players of the game "Star Wars: The Old Republic" to have their characters engage in same-sex relationships.

The Family Research Council has accused EA of "crossing over to the dark side," and the Florida Family Association warns against the dangers of "exposing small children to gay Stormtroopers."

EA is not taking the criticism lightly; nor is the company letting it influence decisions or policy.

EA's vice-president of corporate communications, Jeff Brown, told Patch's sister publication, Huffington Post, that the company views the backlash, criticism and pressure to remove the content as nothing short of "political harassment."

Brown said the company will not tolerate players harassing other players in online forums for the games.

"In short, we do put options for same-sex relationships in our games; we don't tolerate hate speech on our forums," Brown told Huffington Post.

Examples of some of the content are shown in the video that accompanies this article.

Patch wants to know - what do you think? Do you think the content is fine for those who wish to play it? Or do you think the content is inappropriate? Vote in our anonymous poll below, and feel free to expand upon your choice in the comment below.

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