Regional Chefs on Farm and Harbor Tour

The local food movement got a boost Monday when chefs from some of the Bay Area's finest restaurants toured Pillar Point Harbor and local farms.

Monday over 40 regional chef’s from the Coastal Community and the regional San Francisco Bay area went on a Farm Tour of which included a stop at Pillar Point Harbor to learn more about a fresh catch of seafood. The focus of fresh catch, sustainability of regional fishing, and types of catch were just some of the presented items.  Fisherman Jim Anderson spoke of the ability to buy fresh fish right off the boats at Pillar Point Harbor, noting the white board at the exterior of the harbor office noting which boats were selling today.

The tour was led by Anne LeClair, the President and CEO of the San Mateo County/Silicon Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau were greeting and provided some great information from San Mateo County Harbor District Commissioner Leo Padreddii, General Manager Peter Grenell, Commercial Fisherman Jim Anderson and District Harbor Master Scott Grindy.

The Farm Tour also included stops at Lea Farms, Iacopi Farms, Nurserymen’s Exchange, Lunch at La Nebbia with wine tastings and lastly Tour Harley Farms. A fine day indeed!

Also included in the informational tour was shared by Assistant Harbor Master John Draper, the “icoastside’s FishLine of which is a very new resource for those looking to buy fish and have a smart phone. Basically you send an email to support@phondini.com with FishLine in the subject heading, and they will send you a link upon receiving it. (See informational sheet)

Monday’s catch for sale at the harbor was Fresh Salmon, and it’s always “As Fresh As It Get’s” at the Pillar Point Harbor!

Joseph Falcone July 31, 2012 at 06:09 PM
If you are interested in using FishLine Daily Catch of Pillar Point Harbor and you have an Apple or Android smart phone or tablet, you can download the iCoastside mobile app at http://icoastside.com/download/ If you don't have a smart phone or tablet, then go to http://icoastside.com/fish If you operate a fishing boat out of Pillar Point Harbor, participation in FishLine is free and easy. Just email us at support@phondini.com and we will set you up.
Dan Blick July 31, 2012 at 06:27 PM
FishLine is now also available at the Half Moon Bay Chamber of Commerce's website, at http://www.halfmoonbaychamber.org/visiting_hmb/points_of_int.html.
Steve Snyder February 28, 2013 at 04:05 AM
MY name is Steve Snyder I fish for halibut out of port San Luis & Piller Point Harbor My E mail Address is saturnia steve@yahoo.com I would like to participate in your program. Looking forward to hearing from you about selling my fish using your program . Thank You Steve Snyder F/V Saturnia


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