Unique Angel Ornaments

Black coral fish, white coral pole.
Black coral fish, white coral pole.
These little ones I say allow me to co-create them. They are made from abalone shells, (legally obtained from my shed - they have been there for over 25 years).
Each one is completely different from anything you have seen.
These were at the Johnston House Holiday Faire, but I made too many, and too many flew home - they need to fly!
Lapel pins are $22.00 - Ornaments (approx. 4" tall) $34.00 - larger wall hanging and
specialty Angels are priced $65.00
Custom orders are welcome where you chose color ranges and theme.
(Photos of ab. shell colors is not easy to capture, so the pictures aren't the best).
These, like we are, are unique in every way.
Each comes with Blessings - Believe. 


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