Why I Do What I Do (Diana's Story)

What drives a mother of 3 to open a business in a highly competitive industry when all of the odds of success are stacked against her? Read Diana's story and find out.

I've been asked many times... "WHY did you decide to open Empowered Fitness?" What a big and important question! In fact, I've found that as our business grows and I find myself very, very busy, it's a question that I constantly need to revisit. I need to make sure I'm still bringing the Passion and Energy to our clients, staff, family, and friends. So what is my WHY? Owning a business, no matter what kind, is NOT an easy path. With it comes crazy work hours, stress, on-going nurturing, and so much responsibility (hey, it's like having another child!). It's easy to START a new venture...but to truly sustain it through the highs and lows, you have to know your WHY!

Self-Reliance at an Early Age
In my life, most of my biggest decisions have occurred naturally. I've found that my combined experiences of growing up and just living life have given me a strong sense of who I am and what I'm passionate about. And my passion truly is in helping people become Empowered (no pun there!) to be the best they can be with their health, fitness and confidence! I think back on my life and my "story" and I clearly see the different threads that have led me here.

I grew up as the eldest of two. I was the responsible one, the one my parents leaned on. In hind sight, they leaned on me a lot. But it's all I knew and taking on other's needs and helping solve problems became a part of me. It was a unique gift that I could offer people. My parents gave us a good life, but they didn't have the emotional bandwidth to really help us grow "ourselves". We weren't encouraged to take risks and "Go For It!" If I really wanted something, I needed to figure out how to get it myself. I was independent, resourceful, wasn't afraid to work, and unconsciously set standards for myself that were high.

Do-It-Yourself to the Extreme
I had a hard time taking NO for an answer (Mike, my husband, knows this one well). Now I wasn't a daredevil...totally the opposite. (in fact, I wish I WAS more of one!) I was a planner, saver, and made sure I set myself up to succeed. During my senior year of high school I decided I needed to go away to college...but there was no money for this in my family. I wanted to make sure college was in my future. I heard Nordstrom was accepting cashiers. At age 16, I came home, "Mom, I'm going to work at Nordstrom's after school, I've got an interview set up and I've worked it out with my counselors." I went for it--and I made a lot of money for a 16 year old.

During this time I became passionate about health and nutrition. I decided that I wanted to study more and help people eat better. My parents thought I could do this just fine at our Community College. I had a different plan..."Mom, Dad, I'm not going to Community College like you suggested. I've decided I want to go to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and study nutrition. They have a great department for this and if I apply now, they may consider me for early admissions. Here are the administration forms and the financial aid forms. They're all filled out. Here's my letters from teachers at school...can you sign them?" I got admitted early. I worked while going to school to pay my tuition and graduated with a degree in Exercise Science. And I've been working in the health and fitness industry ever since then. My family supported me 100%... I just took ownership of my destiny and made sure it happened!

Enter Empowered Fitness
When Mike and I decided to open Empowered Fitness, it really was a whirlwind of excitement and FEAR! Aren't all important and life changing events a mixture of these? I had dreams of owning my own business for some time...somewhere I could really bring my ideas, philosophy and style to 'my own space'. But Wow! Such a big and scary step. What if no one comes?

Mike was my rock. It makes all the difference when you can lean on and bounce ideas off "the rock". When those who know you best support you and help you figure it all out, you've got a recipe for success!

We had some hiccups along the way...can we do this with 3 young kids?...a scary mammogram and lumpectomy weeks before we opened (in fact we signed our lease papers the day we found out there was no cancer!) and then a foot surgery 10 days later! Holy Cow, were we doing the right thing opening a business? Were we crazy? I fell back on my deeper self. I want this. I have something to offer. I am a doer. I don't' want to take NO for an answer. I can accomplish anything I set my mind to and I'll have the support of key people to make it happen! I AM COMMITTED!

Be Committed!
I get scared still, all the time (little stuff, big stuff) ...I hate to fail. This is my fear...failing. I try very hard to make sure I have all my bases covered. But I also realize that the only true failure is not taking a shot in the first place. And when things get dicey, I fall back on my WHY... I want to help and motivate people, I want to make a difference. This is what I can bring and it's my passion! I will continue to lean on my "rock", I will continue to surround myself with supportive people, and I will not be afraid! If I stumble along the way, then I'll do what I've done all of my life...I'll get back up and keep going!!

I am 110% Committed to Empowered Fitness. I want to help build an amazing staff of trainers and coaches and a rocking clientele! I want this to be the place that OUR clients can come to work hard, be surrounded by supportive people and not be afraid to change their lives. I want clients to come here and BE COMMITTED to being the best they can be!!

It's November...BE COMMITTED...you deserve it! You won't fail! We are here for you.

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Rosemary Dixon November 11, 2012 at 03:29 AM
Nice going, Diana. You only reach as high as you aim. My best wishes, Rosemary Dixon
Kathryn Dixon November 12, 2012 at 07:25 PM
Inspirational, Flo! Well done and best wishes! Dix


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