Coastside Whiz Kid: This Week's Outstanding Young Person

From Mandarin and music to art and Adobe Flash, Parry Heavlin pursues his passions beyond the surface.

Name: Parry Heavlin

Town:  El Granada, California

 Age: 15

What will you do to celebrate your 16th birthday?: “Going to see ‘Godspeed You! Black Emperor’ in concert (in New York).”

Schools: “Cottage by the Sea, El Granada Elementary, Wilkinson, Cunha Intermediate, San Francisco Waldorf High School.”

Favorite subjects and why: “I like language, but specifically foreign language. I have a good memory, so language comes easily to me.”

Least favorite subjects and why: “Math. to put it simply, I’m lousy at it.”

Awards/accomplishments/recognition: “Went from Mandarin I to Mandarin III in one year at San Francisco Waldorf High School; graduated with Honors in Art from Cunha; GATE student at El Granada Elementary.”

After-school pursuits and hobbies: “Film, Art, Guitar, Mandarin, Arabic, Ping-Pong, Adobe Flash and Photoshop.”

Something you want to share: “This poem revolves around the single joke that God used computer programming software to create life:

[Workspace restored from /Users/God/.RData]


> 0 -> welter.and.waste

> 1 -> as.logical(light);print(light)

>      as.logical(darkness);plot(darkness)

> “Speak”(“Let there be light!”)

> 2 -> import(vegetation); attach landmasses

> 3 -> split(light, darkness)

>      light(sun, col=bright(”yellow”)^4, pch= disc)

>      darkness(moon, col=”bleak”, pch= sphere)

> 4 -> import(living.creatures)

> “Speak”(“Be fertile and increase”)

> 5 -> import(man)

>      detach.rib(man)

>      import(woman)

> 6 -> import(tree.of.knowledge; apple(forbidden))



Error: could not find argument “import forbidden apple”


>      export(humanity)

>      sys.sleep(84600)"


— Poem by Parry Heavlin


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