Great Escape: Sweet Coastside Treats

Retreat to a local bakery to indulge in some sweets.

Last time, Great Escape offered up the idea of attending the San Francisco’s 20th annual Spring Celebration & Easter Parade for a visually stimulating experience.

This week, retreat to a local bakery and indulge in delicious pastries for a Mother’s Day treat. Who needs a fancy brunch when many of these local spots serve up some of the tastiest baked goods around in a mellow Sunday morning setting? Reservations aren’t required and you can always take your sweets to-go if the Mother’s Day crowd gets too out of hand.

So avoid the long wait and lines and take your Mother’s Day brunch into your own hands by spoiling yourself with some sweet treats from the following local bakeries.

On Main Street in Half Moon Bay, takes the cake for offering up the most variety when it comes to baked goods. Traditional pastries and danishes and cookies line the display cases as well as fruit tarts, chocolate and carrot cakes, and made from scratch breads from Challah and sourdough to French baguettes and whole wheat.

Also in Half Moon Bay, try , which offers a range of baked goods like scones, muffins and frosted cupcakes. For a hearty, spicier option, try their famous jalapeno corn bread muffin. Caffeinated beverages as well as chai tea compliment the menu.

In addition to made-to-order cakes, offers an assortment of exquisite mini cakes, tarts and custards as well as cookies and bagels. Seating is available at tables inside and outside of the store.

For fresh warm, just out-of-the-oven banana and pumpkin bread, is the place to go. This favorite spot for many locals also serves up some of the most decadent scones, muffins, bars, cakes and cookies around.

is the closest thing you’ll find to a European-style Patisserie serving decadent pastries — like canolis and macaroons — made from scratch. Seating is available both indoors and outdoors.

is best known for their homemade bagels, from cinnamon raisin and poppy seed to plain and onion.

If you’re craving something super sticky and sweet, Sunshine Donuts in Strawflower Village has just that. Doughnuts of all kinds as well as chocolate croissants and cheese and fruit danishes and pastries are all part of the fare.

In Pacifica, Mazzetti's Bakery, best known for their delicious made-to-order birthday cakes, specializes in Italian cookies and pastries, serving a variety of doughnuts, pastries like cream puffs and croissants and cakes as well.


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