UPDATE: Land Trust Receives Purisima Creek Parcel

If acquired, portion of land might be transformed to green burial ground by recipient Coastside Land Trust.

Update 7/22: The Coastal Conservancy voted to transfer the two Purisima Creek land parcels to the Coastside Land Trust at its meeting yesterday. 

"CLT is delighted to receive this beautiful property from the Conservancy. It brings a new dimension to our work here with a pioneer cemetery and potential green burial cemetery," said Jo Chamberlain, Coastside Land Trust Executive Director.


The Coastside Land Trust (CLT) is poised to receive 12 acres of historic land located adjacent to Purisima Creek three miles south of Half Moon Bay.

The two parcels of land under consideration to be transferred from the state are considered to be significant for their prior use, respectively, as a townsite and cemetery. While the former parcel is owned by the California Coastal Conservancy (Conservancy) and the latter is held by the State Department of General Services, both are under the jurisdiction of the Conservancy.

The purpose of the transfer is to set aside the land for open space preservation, protection of natural resources, and public access which does not detract from open space preservation or natural resource protection. A transfer has been identified as a priority at this location due to what the Conservancy says are their "limited resources to manage land."

The Conservancy has also recommended that CLT receive a $45,000 grant to enhance public access to the area through fencing, signage and a gravel parking area. Fencing would also be added around the creek and riparian areas. The funds would also be used to maintain the area for public access.

If acquired, CLT could use a portion of the former townsite as a green burial ground, according to Jo Chamberlain, CLT Executive Director. None of the $45,000 grant would be allowed to be applied towards this project.

Today's vote comes on the , a three-mile stretch of the Coastal Trail. The head of the trail is just half a mile from the location of the historic Purisima township and cemetery. 

Directors of the Conservancy will vote on the matter at this morning's meeting located at .

The meeting starts at 10 a.m. and is open to the public. Elkus Ranch is located at 1500 Purisima Creek Road in Half Moon Bay. For directions, click here.


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