Well Kiddos Learn Healthy Cooking Skills at New Leaf

Children made fresh Mexican-style burritos with local chef Amy Fothergill.

(WK) and WK associate chef (also known as "The Family Chef") teamed up last Wednesday to hold a cooking class for kids and parents at Half Moon Bay's .

, founder of Well Kiddos, says that she wants busy parents to have a place to come to relax and to enjoy a meal that their children can cook. To accomplish this, Hipkins pursued a partnership with New Leaf which was established earlier this year.

On Wednesday, the children made fresh Mexican-style burritos and learned knife skills - as well as math skills. When the children needed a break, Hipkins encouraged them to decorate their dinner plates with natural wax crayons.

As part of their partnership with New Leaf, Well Kiddos held events at the market that taught children and their parents about healthy snacks and how to . On June 18, the group is planning a at New Leaf.

"We can teach kids how to look for healthy, yummy and nutritious food while doing a scavenger hunt through the store, teaching hands-on label reading and product recognition so that the kids can be in charge of their own eating,"  said Sabine Crawford, Well Kiddos' marketing and outreach director. "We love to hear parents' and kids' feedback and are happy that the community has embraced our offering."

"We want to build a core group of Well Kiddos kid chefs that will come and come again, built friendships and lasting healthy eating habits for life," Crawford said.

Summer May 16, 2011 at 07:21 PM
I love New Leaf! It's great to see them involved in a program that reaches out to kids and makes eating healthy fun. I've always tried to introduce healthy foods to my family and letting them help me in the kitchen. One great way I've gotten my kids excited about eating healthy is by letting them pack their own healthy lunches in their Laptop Lunches bento boxes. They come with me to the store to pick out what healthy foods they would like in their lunch boxes and then help me put them together on a weekly basis. The organization of the boxes helps us keep everything systematic and easy and we get a weekly menu idea to help us get our creative juices flowing. You should check them out at: www.laptoplunches.com.
Amy Fothergill May 17, 2011 at 06:26 AM
My #1 bit of advice is to not assume what your children will and will not eat; their tastes change. My 7 yr old surprised me last week eating beet hummus (which I bought at New Leaf!) and a bbq chicken pizza. A year ago, he wouldn't have eaten either but we offered it to him and his reaction was "I love it!". The best thing you can do as a parent or caregiver is to provide variety with seasonal, fresh ingredients.


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