Sequoia Healthcare District - Masters of Deceit

Facts behind Sequoia Healthcare District mailing to community. Suggests that the mailing, paid for with taxpayer dollars. was intended to influence the election.

Sequoia Healthcare District CEO, Lee Michelson, in a letter published in today's Daily Post http://www.xshcd.com/LMSHCDPOST.jpg perpetuates the lie about the Report to the Community. He says, "The Sequoia Healthcare District publishes an annual report that is mailed to residences in late October of every year. Not true. In 2011, not a District election year, the report went out the 2nd week of November. http://www.xshcd.com/SHCDNov2011Memo.jpg

Mr. Michelson continues the deceit by reciting that the "...District continues to receive about $8 million a year in tax income. We spend more than $10 million a year on community health with clinics, schools and nonprofits." The relevant information which he fails to mention, (and is absent from the annual report) is that in 2012, the District will SPEND $11,607,766 to deliver what they claim to be $10,600,000 in Community Support. That claim is bogus. It fails to exclude more than $500,000 of Nursing Program expenses for nurses who have left the area. It also failed to exclude Heartsafe and Healthy Schools Program expenses of more than $300,000 a year.

Lee says, "Exactly where these dollars go is described in the annual report..." Is there anyone out there who received this 4 page, 11" x 17", full color piece of campaign literature, disguised as a Report to the Community, who could say that with a straight face? Any CPA’s out there? The Report should have at least contained a copy of the budget. There was certainly room for it.

He also claims, “The annual report is nonpolitical and does not endorse candidates or highlight our board members.”

In my opinion, it is intended to influence the outcome of the election. If not, why didn’t Lee, or board President, Kim Griffin postpone the mailing until after the election?

This election, and all of the elections since 2002 have not been about candidates, they have been about the life or death of the District. The District has been on life support for the past 10 years using tax dollars.

This rogue District with it’s $182,000/year CEO and it’s $56,400/year PR guy must go!

If you support dissolution of the Sequoia Healthcare District, vote for John J. "Jack" Hickey and NO other candidate.

Visit www.xshcd.com for more information.

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Buck Shaw November 02, 2012 at 03:36 PM
All the monies the county is looking for in Measure A and then some can be accured by correctly disolving the Health Care District. Then us taxpayers don't have to shell out more money for issues like measure A or new car,truck,motocycle,ATV,scooters registration fees ($25 per vehicle in San Mateo Co). Health Care District monies go back into County General Fund. You would have more control over its spending by electing District County Supervisors and seeing the County Budget. Have you ever seen the Sequoia Health Care District Budget? I'll bet you could run the Abused Child porsion just on the CEO's salary alone. Ask yourself, Does the Sequoia Health Care District pay money for Sequoia Hospital ? A private Catholic Hospital. Get the County off your back by giving them the Health Care District monies. I'm sure they want it.


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