The Truth About Wildomar’s Parks

So, here is the truth about parks and recreation spending in our valley compared to Wildomar. Some people are willing to mislead voters to get their way so let's set the record straight.

So, here is the truth about parks and recreation spending in our valley compared to Wildomar. Some people are willing to mislead voters to get their way. The opponents of Measure Z want to compare lil ol’ Wildomar’s services to New York City! How in the world do you begin comparing Wildomar with the most populated city in the United States which runs schools, courts, hospitals, and even provides funding to a university? Wildomar is a small, family oriented community. It’s just not the same! To make that comparison is just silly. It’s like comparing apples to onions. Anyone ever eat an onion pie for dessert?

Thankfully, we have intelligent people in Wildomar who can make decisions based on factual information, not just made up numbers. The truth is Murrieta spends $116.42 per resident on Culture and Recreation. Temecula spends $188.47 per resident on Community Services. Like Murrieta, Temecula includes maintenance and recreation services in their overall budget. Similarly, the $300,000 that would be raised with Measure Z would include maintenance and recreation services. Now, we are talking “apples to apples.”

Measure Z would provide Wildomar with its community parks and recreation budget. Using the same comparison to our neighbors, Measure Z will allow Wildomar to spend $9.32 per resident on maintenance and recreation services. It is modest in comparison to our neighboring cities. However, it’s a small amount of money to pay for restoring recreational services, maintaining safe playground equipment, maintaining clean restrooms, restoring safety lighting and removing graffiti -- and it's a small price to pay for increased quality of life. Hiding half of the equation to mislead Wildomar residents is just plain wrong. But then the opponents are the same people who say they care about the community but do nothing but sabotage all the potential solutions.

When Measure Z opponents start comparing apples to onions again, to convince you it’s the truth, you might want to peel back that onion. What you’ll find is that they keep changing their story to fit their desired outcome. They do not have Wildomar’s best interest in mind. If they did, they wouldn’t be making up facts by comparing us to New York City. It’s insulting to all our intelligence. I guess it shows where the opponents are coming from. They clearly don’t think much of our residents. Besides, I’d rather have Wildomar’s residents be served apple pie this election (a.k.a. the truth).

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N1smo2go October 22, 2012 at 09:19 PM
It is apparent those that are complaining are the same people that moved to Wildomar in the early 70-90's thinking that it would always stay small. Now buoyed by Murrieta at 100K plus residents and Lake Elsinore going over 60K, Wildomar has a lot of land to be developed. These residents want their tranquil little patch they had so many years to go. Parks are a necessity to spurn recreational activities for the many families that have moved in with children and etc. It is an integral part to the quality of life, to have open space. I live in Murrieta and I played softball at Marna O Brien, it's a good park and should be kept open like all parks. This is a selfish attempt by a few in Wildomar, that are against any development. It's too bad, that their selfishness hurts the many kids, that will play, practice and enjoy themselves. Keep those parks open, you have my support. Your neighbor in Murrieta.
Ken Mayes October 23, 2012 at 05:26 PM
Your so damned important, let me bow down. You move into a area that I have called home for 30 years and demand that all the undeveloped open spaces be occupied, all so we can be like somewhere else. If your like most people that come here you will live in your home 5-10 years and move on leaving the rest of us to pay for your wants. Not true you say, a tract of homes in my area has 38 homes built 22 years ago, today there are 3 original owners. I'm going to guess you work in either the construction business or real estate and you can't stand the sight of an empty lot nor a road packed with traffic. Let's look at Murrieta today, they built homes on an old gravel pit where even today homeowners have issues with settling, you have a downtown in which millions have been spent and yet nobody visits, you have traffic out the wazoo because people need to leave town for work even though more millions have been spent on industrial parks with vacancy rates approaching 20%, you have commercial centers that have vacancy rates approaching 25%, office spaces with vacancy rates around 35%. So we should hurry up and be just like Murrieta or Temecula.
The Teller of Truth October 23, 2012 at 11:43 PM
@John Lloyd, keep up the good work! Despite all of the other nonsense here, you are doing a fine job! More power to ya! YEZ ON MEAZURE Z!
Martha L. Bridges October 29, 2012 at 03:33 PM
Are you kidding? This city council and their staff don't want to put a plan on paper and allow the public to see how and with whom they would spend the revenue from this excessive new tax. Actual planning at that detailed level is a concept this council seems unable or unwilling to grasp. They are operating on the theory that voters should simply hand over $350,000.00 each and every year - and trust them to truthfully spend it properly on the parks. You can bet that buried in their unpublished, unshared plans is more of the CRONYISM AND CORRUPTION that two Riverside County Grand Jury Reports have already found so objectionable. Given this council's track record, why would anyone be so foolish as to go along with that process? They can't even figure out how to pay the city's current debts or provide adequately for essential public safety services that would benefit everyone! If people are foolish enough to pass Measure "Z", they will lose any of the leverage needed to compel the council to provide a detailed plan and hold them to it. As the current language in Measure "Z" stands, the council can use the revenue for just about anything they want simply by declaring it is somehow "related" to the parks. Do you really want to pay for more bureaucracy; more fat salaries, benefits and perks? Because if you pass this tax, that is what you will very likely get. John Lloyd has been "shopping" for a paid city postion since before incorporation.
Constant Comment October 29, 2012 at 04:36 PM
Isn't "CRONYISM AND CORRUPTION" the names of the two new crimefighters that rode into town??? }~)


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