Letter to the Editor: Changes to Bus Routes Will Force More People to Drive

A proposal from SamTrans looks to make major changes to two popular bus routes in San Bruno, which could have adverse effects on transportation.

SamTrans is planning major bus changes in San Bruno for the 140 and 141 lines.

The 140 runs from Pacifica to Skyline College, makes its way to Sneath, Rollingwood, Cherry Avenue and San Bruno Avenue, and then to BART.

The proposed revision will streamline its path so it ends up after Rollingwood going straight down Sneath to BART, dropping Cherry (Bayhill Shopping Center) and San Bruno Avenue completely—meaning no stops on San Bruno East.

It also drops the school trips to Parkside Intermediate in the morning and afternoon. Kids will have to get off on Sneath and El Camino Real and walk to San Bruno Avenue to catch the 141 bus that will make the school trips instead of the 140.

Since no bus will go down Cherry between Sneath and San Bruno Avenue West, you will have to get off at El Camino to catch a 141 bus on San Bruno Avenue that will stop on or near Cherry and San Bruno Avenue.

That means if you live at the north end of Cherry (there are some apartment complexes there), it will be a very long walk to Bayhill.

Strangely, it also drops the one stop that would be near the completed Caltrain station. You would have to get off on El Camino Real and walk to the station.

Kind of encourages people to drive rather than take the bus on that one (and I take Caltrain three to four times a week from San Bruno by using the 140/390 to get me to San Felipe Avenue where I walk over to the temporary station).

For more information about the proposed plans, visit SamTran’s website.

—Mark Taylor

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D. peck October 03, 2012 at 04:27 AM
Should have been 400 block one way during drop-off and pick-up times! Or one-way all the time!
Mark Taylor October 03, 2012 at 05:46 AM
Occasionally I take the 2:41 from BART. That particular 140 goes over to Niles to pick up the kids getting out at Parkside. It is a royal mess! Scores of cars awaiting to pick up kids plus two 140 buses going one way and the 141 going the other. Usually the 140 arrives just as school gets out (2:51) except on Thursdays when they get out at 1:40.
Kathryn Marinos October 04, 2012 at 12:38 AM
The traffic is really bad enough, but losing a bus will push it over the edge. Now with more kids needing a ride it is only going to get worse! Please come and speak up about how much we need that bus route. Actually, we need another bus that comes down San Bruno Ave from Skyline, so more kids could take the bus and less cars would be at the school. There is a community forum in San Bruno next week - Show up and voice your opinion. Thu., October 11, 7pm–8:30pm St. Bruno's Parish Hall, 555 W. San Bruno Avenue, San Bruno Please repost about the meeting on your social media sites. Let's get the word out to get as many Parkside Parents and Parkside neighbors at the meeting.
Mark Taylor October 05, 2012 at 03:01 AM
Today while standing at San Bruno Ave & El Camino I realized how far it is between Sneath Lane and San Bruno Ave; rough estimate a mile and a quarter. Not a quick walk and also means walking past traffic getting on and off 380. So kids would have to catch one of the El Camino buses to San Bruno Ave or go to SB Bart to catch the 141. If they miss the school trip, the 141 will get them to Cherry and Jenevein and then a walk up and over to Parkside. I cannot see many parents seeing this as more convenient and opt for carpooling or driving over.
Mark Taylor October 16, 2012 at 09:47 PM
I attended the meeting on 11 Oct and it was informative. There were several people from Brisbane upset with proposals that affected them (one bus line in particular). Some parents spoke up about the 140 dropping school trips and were upset they would have to go to San Bruno Bart to transfer to 141. Some pointed out that it was not a good area for kids (I can vouch for this). I pointed out two things about the afternoon run (I often taken the 1:41 bus from SB Bart which goes to Parkside). I noted that one bus could handle the traffic and ought to linger longer (school gets out at 2:50 most days except Thursday). One of the SamTrans people said that the bus drivers reported one bus would be enough and intend to have a pilot program to use one bus. One parent pointed out that kids need to get off on Cherry (a dropped part of the revised schedule-no Cherry/Bayhill service). I opined they need Caltrain service and the 140 could provide. Has anyone from San Bruno City Hall told Caltrain about this need? I am also submitting written comments as well. From what I saw and observed, they are getting very strong (emphasis on the that) feedback (Brisbane from their comments in particular). I think they are surprised by what criticisms they are getting back.


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