Letter to the Editor: Gun Shop OK, But Not Love Padlocks

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A grass roots movement to commemorate happy events, such as anniversaries and children's birthdays, has been stonewalled by the "powers that be."

And all in a positive vein.

They are a fun art form; sorely needed in a world with countless horrible events taking place on a regular basis. Why would anyone cut them down?   

These locks have become a tourist attraction for the town. They are not "vandalism." Rather, they are a spontaneous art form and decorative. They bring people together, as well as create a point of interest in our town.   

There is currently a threat to cut them down from the bridge by Jan. 31.   

Locks such as these decorate bridges across the world, including Paris, Venice, Seville, etc. Even Russia and China allow love locks! Not Los Gatos?      

I find it ironic the town allows a gun shop to open, but feels that commemorating happy events in life is vandalism!

—By Tim and Carolyn Du Clos

Gary Hinze January 03, 2013 at 07:54 PM
They may be "a spontaneous art form and decorative." They are also vandalism. The same could be said of spray painted graffiti in public places. What is decorative is a matter of opinion. Many European jurisdictions have removed and banned them as an eyesore and a hazard. You can bet that those jurisdictions which have allowed placement of locks vetted the locations carefully. (The one in Moscow was purpose built.) That was not done here. CalTrans has competent jurisdiction, and CalTrans has decided they must go. Locks were placed without any thought to the consequences, no structural or traffic review. No thought was given to the potential that over a million pounds of locks could be put on the fence or to the structural damage, interruption of traffic and safety risks. No thought was given to the risks associated with a "tourist attraction" on a narrow, busy bridge. Your right to express yourself is inferior to the right of the public to safe highways and sidewalks. The Town of Los Gatos could not stop the gun store and can not permit locks on a CalTrans facility. Neither is within their jurisdiction. CalTrans WILL cut down the locks with bolt cutters. That will destroy them. Take your lock back and establish a better place to hang them.
Peter Cook January 03, 2013 at 08:55 PM
I didn't vote for you as style king and queen. Was it some kind of divine providence that I missed that elected you ? Just because you decided to put a few locks on a dodgy bridge does not constitute a mandate to decide on what is stylish. If I went around spraying cans of paint everywhere saying "oooh look, they do this in Europe", they would put me away.
AR January 03, 2013 at 09:40 PM
why did people believe they would be allow to attach sharp metal objects to a non-load-bearing fence above a busy highway?
Peter Cook January 05, 2013 at 04:47 PM
Because some people only think of themselves. Classic example of because they like it everyone else should too.


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