My Wishes For ALL


My Wishes for ALL would be the for ALL to take a moment everyday to observe, enjoy, and, contemplate Nature's abundant Beauty, Magic, Mystery, Love.

To bring Peace to Beings who have not taken time to observe the gifts that Nature gives, and, offers.

For Our Community Members have the incentive to stand forth for saving the Beauty that surrounds us before it is all gone.

I wish ALL a GOOD HEART - Inspiration - which is to be in Spirit. 

I wish ALL in faltering Heart - to have an experience that only Nature can provide in a Wonderful, Magical Moment.

We are Blessed with one of the most humble, friendly, clean places to live - yet it is becoming one of the most polluted.

Some entities think we should be a 'big city' - To those we really need to meditate / Pray / that they may see they Beauty in the 'smallness of a family oriented, friendly, hometown.

My words come not from myself - but from the feel of what this "Town" we live in used to be. We are NOT a "city" We ARE a COMMUNITY. WE ARE ALL FAMILY…Or used to be. Sometimes, progress isn't always good thing.

My Wishes, Hopes and Energy goes to ALL who have the same vision of living in a town where we all belong in, the community we used to be.

Leaving the big city picture left elsewhere - a town where kids are safe, gangs are non existent because there is plenty of work to do in a farming / fishing community. 

Where neighbors take care of neighbors.

 A place where there are trees left for kids to build tree forts in , and, pick their snacks from trees instead of "Mac. /Safe… /Taco…/Burger…. 

We chose to live here because of this 'small town' environment - why then are we not taking a stand to keep it that way? My Wish is - "WE" will.

To See People Nurture Nature - is my Everyday/Holiday Wish for ALL.

My Blessings of Inspiration, Love, Peace, Joy go out to ALL of YOU. 


Deborah Hock & Junior, too.


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