Rat Poison Kills More Than Rats

Beyond the obvious danger to children and pets that gain access to rodent poison bait, any wildlife that eats poisoned rodents will also be poisoned.  Hawks, owls, foxes, bobcats, and coyotes are our allies in keeping rodent populations under control.   

An organization known as Raptors Are The Solution (R.A.T.S.) has been working hard to get the word out, including several campaigns to raise awareness. www.raptorsarethesolution.org

The EPA and California Department of Pesticide Regulations have started procedures to get rat poisons off the market, but have been challenged in federal court. R.A.T.S. has been successful in getting California cities and counties to pass resolutions to discourage rat poison commerce at their level. So far at least 15 cities in California have passed resolutions, including San Francisco, several East Bay cities, as well as Humboldt County. R.A.T.S. encourages communities that have such rich local wildlife like those in San Mateo County to take on these resolutions as well.

Terry Tenzing March 22, 2014 at 01:53 PM
Thank you for posting this. I have seen two Red Shoulder Hawks die from rat positioning this spring, and a local bird lost his mate to rat posioning. Coastside residents and local Ranchers need to be educated about this issue locally.
Deborah Hock March 25, 2014 at 03:48 AM
Thank you for bring this up - I have been trying to convey to people that freak out about coyotes, that the circle of life is such - to kill off the coyotes and racoons, means an over populetion of gophers...Poisoning the gophers means poisoning the Hawks AND Owls, not to mention Bobcats, (I pray there are still some around), also Skunks eat gophers. So - PLEASE DON'T POISON (Catch them alive and use them for cat food)...yeah, read my "speak out post....


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