Truth about "Pet Foods" If you Love your Friend....

I am going to risk being unpopular and criticized for what I am about to state…
IF YOU TRULY CARE ABOUT YOUR COMPANION ANIMALS - Please, continue reading - (and, I hope you do not stop here, but continue to RESEARCH the facts, and, each and every ingredient of your furry 4 legged friends food).

I waste of the people who spent many, many hours researching the details of this issue, and I still have the evidence to back upshot I am saying is still true.

Here goes -
* In 1999 the Federal Trade Commission withdrew the guide lines for "pet foods"
and relinquished the "authority of pet foods to the AAFCO"

*  In 2005, there was a "minor" pet food recall thatwas not brought to public attention, because it wasn't 'mandated"

* In 2007, the majority of cats, dogs, horses, and other companion animals in the United States and Canada died to the "pet food poisoning due to what they said after much too long a time - melamine.

* Wheat Gluten tests positive for protein, yet is a false positive
* The "vitamins" present in pet foods actually are photo processing chemicals, which test positive for certain "vitamins", but are not.
* Every name brand item is most likely a Proctor & Gamble product - they are NOT a cruelty free company as far as testing on animals, including Easy Off, etc. - PLEASE SEE:

* 2007 - Video of the President and CEo of AAFCO admits "Fluffy is most likely in your pets food".
* One of the researchers on our team helping to find the truth about what additive could be added to a cats food that would entice them to eat poison, actually found out about the "rendering trucks that pick up euthanatized animals from veterinarians, the SPCA, and also road kill".  I will not mention her name or where abbots, but she video taped these trucks as she followed them - all the way to the rendering plant near Sacramento. (How many people have their pets ashes analyzed to see if the ashes truly are what they are said to be?)
* Research this - "what is the source of ash in pet food" - Proctor & Gamble told me, "is is a natural trace mineral"….
* In my research, according to random FDA testing, the euthanasia drug Phenobarbital had to be changed, because it did NOT render down, and companion animals were having such a tolerance for it, that this drug no longer worked for euthanasia purposes.

In the last week, I have heard 2 messages regarding canned and dry cat food being closest to the "ancient species diet". B.S.

Renal failure is not unnatural thing  in cats, or dogs. 2 legged, probably, but look at the abuse we chose to force into our bodies - from donuts, alcohol, and I will not go on, because the list would be endless. ANIMALS EATING WHAT IS SAID TO BE NATURAL FOOD WOULD NOT END UP WITH THE DISEASES THEY ARE COMING UO WITH.

I will not excuse or apologize for my passion on this subject - I just wish more people would take the nutritional issues of the animals they are responsible for most seriously.

(An added note - the Safeway in Half Moon Bay had the recalled Iams on their shelves 3 months after the recall notice date. I have the proof, and this was submitted to the courts. Of the 11 pages of Defendant companies names, they were only made to collectively pay $25 million to ALL of the Plaintiffs in the U.S. & Canada, and NO criminal charges were issued even though Corporate greed was established).

If you love your critters, like I loved mine - please, don't be so trusting - and please DAILY CHECK THE PET FOOD RECALL LISTS - Daily, the list grows - and yes, there is a current little known resale for dry dog food - Iams, to name one.

Should anyone have questions, I will be happy to offer any information I can, (if you ask what is a safe cat food - I myself, had I had it to do over again, would strongly suggest raising field mice, or ordering frozen ones. These are the "crunches' cats would eat in the wild, and have the perfectly balanced diet any cat would need - Gross, to us yes - If you dare - research each and every ingredient listed on your pets food -  Only then, will you say which is "gross").

If you read this far, you truly love your 4 legged friend - you get a 4 legged furry gold star hug!

Brian Ginna March 25, 2014 at 11:28 AM
"I am going to risk being unpopular..." I think train already departed from Track 4


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