80-Year-Old Woman Struck by Car on Ralston Avenue

Police say the woman has been hospitalized with major injuries. The Sunday evening incident is still under investigation.

An elderly San Francisco woman was struck by a vehicle, while attempting to cross Ralston Avenue Sunday night. The collision is still under investigation, but Lt. Patrick Halleran of the Belmont Police Department has released the following information:

On Sunday at approximately 8:10pm, Belmont police and fire units responded to a report of an auto-pedestrian collision in the 1500 block of Ralston Avenue (near NDNU). Upon arrival, officers found that the pedestrian, an 80-year-old San Francisco woman, had been struck while attempting to cross the street with a friend. The woman was struck by a Toyota Sienna mini-van that was westbound on Ralston Avenue, driven by a Belmont woman. The pedestrian's companion was not injured.

The woman was treated at the scene by Belmont Fire Department paramedics and transported to an area hospital with major injuries. At this time the woman is still in the hospital and no update on her condition is available.

Police say the driver is cooperating with investigators, and that neither speed nor alcohol appear to be factors at this time. 

Patch will update this story as information becomes available.

Sherri Bateman February 05, 2013 at 02:16 PM
So many states focus on speed cameras at intersections...maybe more states should consider cameras at pedestrian crosswalks. I, too, have watched many drivers who don't stop for pedestrians in a state where it is the law. Unfortunately, the law isn't enforced. In this case I hope the woman recovers and the driver is forgiven for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. My prayers go out to all involved.
Michael February 05, 2013 at 03:09 PM
No one here has addressed the real reason for this accident! I believe something should be said now. The arrogance of the city officials and the police department to believe that they know the best for the community. I have lived at this location across the street from Notre Dame for more than 25 years and have watched the traffic , and traffic flow problems, I believe created by our own police department by over government authority. For many years I lived here with Notre Dame hosting many functions without so called police intervention or help and by and far all problems were worked out in a very timely fashion but now when ever something is going on at Notre Dame you would think that The President is in town and the traffic is atrocious because of police interference. 99% of the time traffic problems work themselves out without help from the authorities. Living across the street from Notre Dame you would think that I would be for more police help but just the opposite, I have seen the difference between police participation , and no police participation and the latter is so much better. Now let's get to the reason for this accident and the real reason it occurred . This elderly lady was attending a Super Bowl Party with a friend and because this stretch of Ralston Ave has recently been posted no Parking, the friends car was parked in the Notre Dame parking lot and after the game when they were leaving they tried to cross Ralston to retrieve their parked car. Cont
Courtney Carreras February 05, 2013 at 06:53 PM
I know what you mean Michael. My kids attended Central and there was naturally, a bit of a delay in traffic during the drop off and pick up times. Whenever the police showed up to "direct" traffic, it got a WHOLE LOT worse. Parents know the routine and get in and out as efficiently as possible. The police just slowed everything down and caused a slight inconvenience to become a major problem. This is not true in all situations of course, but sometimes as strange as it may sound, trying to assist makes things worse.
Todd Dunning February 06, 2013 at 08:17 PM
I have never, ever seen worse drivers anywhere in the world than on the peninsula, and have never seen worse street lighting in a metro area. It is truly miraculous that Ralston doesn't have bodies piled around it like sandbags. Not only can you not see a damn thing, but the lurching minivans (like this one) are driven by the comatose. It is a like a video game. Next time you go down to SoCal, look at the roads they have. We're not even close - we look like Bolivia in comparison.
Vic February 07, 2013 at 10:17 PM
I agree with much of that, but I can tell you unequivocally that the fault in this particular accident doesn't lie with the "lurching" minivan driver. I was right behind them when this happened, and we were going less than 30 mph. The pedestrian who was hit darted out so fast, there is nothing that the driver could have done. I'm still not sure how an 80-year-old could have moved that fast, but she did. I assumed she was going to stop in the middle lane and let traffic go by, but she kept going and got hit.


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