Despite Video Surveillance and Barking Dog, Brazen Burglars Entered Belmont Home

The victims left their home for just a few hours during the afternoon of Jan. 3.

Screen shot from home video surveillance camera  Video provided by Belmont PD
Screen shot from home video surveillance camera Video provided by Belmont PD
Within days of a burglary at the home right next door, the Belmont family who would also be burglarized several weeks later, added a home video surveillance camera before they left on a two week vacation.

Although their home was safe and secure during their two week absence, it was an afternoon outing last Friday that has changed the way the family on Cipriani Boulevard will think about home security.

"It was so quick. They are very focused and do what they need to do and get out," the homeowner told Patch in a phone conversation on Tuesday. 

She added that the burglars were probably in the house for two to three minutes max, and they took things that were easy to carry out---computers, iPhones, and jewelry. 

The home, located in the 2200 block of Cipriani Boulevard, was broken into last Friday afternoon while the family was away for just a few hours. The homeowner said the suspects broke in through the French doors located at the back of the house.

"After the police told us about the burglary next door, we installed a video surveillance camera, and it was obvious that they saw the camera, which was aimed at the front door, and went to other sections of the house," said the homeowner. 

Belmont police have released a portion of the video taken by the homeowner's internal camera. The one-minute clip shows the family's dog barking at the intruders, then disappearing for a time while they allegedly went through the rest of the house. It appears that the intruders were not scared off by the barking dog, and put the dog out while they went through the house, then let the dog back in.

The homeowner said they will be fixing up vulnerable areas of the home, and will be extra vigilant when they leave the home from now on. 

The video is posted on the Belmont Public Safety You Tube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-FxYQBgJlE

Anyone with information on this crime or these suspects is asked to call Belmont Police at (650) 595- 7400 or the Belmont Police Crime Tip Line at (650) 598-3000. 


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