A Look Back at Belmont's Past Mayors

A few Belmont Patch readers inquired about mayors and vice mayors over the past 10 years.

At tonight's meeting of the Belmont City Council, coucilmembers will nominate and vote on the city's next mayor and vice mayor.

Presumably, and as council protocol goes, Vice Mayor Christine Wozniak will take the gavel as mayor for 2013, and a new vice mayor will be nominated and voted upon. However, as Belmont history shows, that protocol is not always followed.

Okay, for those who would like to know who the mayors and vice mayors were over the past 11 years....here goes (please note new mayors/vice mayors are sworn in in Dec. of each year, so the following dates reflect the swearing in dates and the year served):

2001-02 Mayor Dave Warden; Vice Mayor Paul Wright
2002-03 Mayor Paul Wright; Vice Mayor George Metropulos
2003-04 Mayor George Metropulos; Vice Mayor Dave Warden
2004-05 Mayor Dave Warden; Vice Mayor Phil Mathewson
2005-06 Mayor Phil Mathewson; Vice Mayor Coralin Feierbach
2006-07 Mayor Coralin Feierbach; Vice Mayor Warren Lieberman
2007-08 Mayor Warren Lieberman; Vice Mayor Bill Dickenson
2008-09 Mayor David Braunstein; Vice Mayor Christine Wozniack
2009-10 Mayor Christine Wozniak; Vice Mayor Coralin Feierbach
2010-11 Mayor Coralin Feierbach; Vice Mayor Dave Warden
2011-12 Mayor Dave Warden; Vice Mayor Christine Wozinak

If you would like to read the minutes of past meetings in which councilmembers are nominated for mayor/vice mayor, you may go into council archived minutes: http://www.belmont.gov/subContent.asp?CatId=240000202

Tim Hoffman December 12, 2012 at 06:55 PM
Well, whether or not you agree with the local elected person, you have to admit it's not that glamorous or thankful of a job. Congrats to all who got new titles or gave up old ones. Hopefully Warren will seek & win another term so he can get another shot at Mayor. If you look at the period from 1999 to 2013, for over half those years the Mayor was one of three folks: Councilmembers Warden (3 stints), Feierbach (3), and Wozniak (2). If anyone wants change, well, there's these things called elections every two years that no one seems to vote in...
Concerned Belmont Taxpayer December 12, 2012 at 07:42 PM
Yes, hopefully Warren Lieberman will run next year. He is definitely the most professional, level headed and prepared person on the City Council. He actually does his homework and comes prepared to debate and discuss at the City Council Meetings. Unlike, some members who have already made up their minds before hearing all the facts. However for Warren, it must be incredibly frustrating dealing with their passive-aggressive games (which the WWF Regime has been playing for years.) After all, it is basically a volunteer job, which pays $400 per month. Most people in Belmont are working 12 hour work days and do not have the time for this mickey-mouse business. Hopefully, he will run. However, I do not blame him at all for taking a pass. Who needs this abuse and aggravation!
Steve Hayes December 12, 2012 at 08:18 PM
FYI The City Council "compensation" is higher than the $400/month. The City also covers each council member with full medical, vision and dental coverage - costing the taxpayers more than $20K per year for each council member. The coverage is the same as it is for all of the other full time city workers. There is also money set aside for medical benefits and retirement after they leave the Council. As the Council works on reducing staff salaries and benefits (an ongoing process) they should find time to focus on their own benefits.
Buck Thomas December 13, 2012 at 05:37 AM
Concerned, 1) The majority of the votes are not 3 to 2 2) CSUS was not a fiasco except on patch. There were other places CSUS could have gone that would not have screwed up our only business park. 3) The rest of what you say is ludicrous. I have always been pro public schools. accusing me of being anti-business is stranger still since I wanted to save a business park. I was the CEO of two companies and am very pro business. Are you looking to Belmont past when 666 apartment units were built in one year. That kind of pro growth I am not. Being a council person is a thankless job as Tim pointed out although I don't agree with the rest of what he says. Even though I like some council people better than others I don't attack them. Even the best politicians get thrown out on their butt when the the whims of the public change. Winston Churchill is the best example of that.
Concerned Belmont Taxpayer December 13, 2012 at 04:45 PM
Buck, 1) If the votes are 5 - 0 most of the time, than why have Warren LIeberman and David Braunstein been iced out of the Mayorship and Vice-Mayorship? Now that the WWF Regime's back is against the wall, they are going all Kumbaya on us...claiming there is no division. Are they concerned about Nov 2013? 2) CSUS was an absolute disaster for Belmont. This decision will have negative connotations for Belmont for many years to come. If Davis Drive was not a good place for CSUS they should have been told in April 2011, 18 months prior to them wasting their valuable time and $2 million. 3) You have been consistently against any private school expansion on Patch, claiming since private schools don't pay property taxes. Maybe you can explain if you benefit from Prop 13? And if so if you would be willing to have your house re-assessed at the current market value? 4) This town is run by NIMBYs....no one wants wild, uncontrollable growth. But a very small private school of 240 students would have hurt no one. The only person who had a right to complain was the family that owns 2 Davis Drive. 5) Hopefully, this will be all straightened out next year at the ballot box. We need city council members, who will move Belmont forward, are pro-child and pro-family. BTW, I find it astounding that in our Mayor's acceptance speech that schools, children and playing fields were never mentioned. Who knows who will run? Time will tell...


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