City Prioritizes Improvements to Parks, Streets and Library Through 2017

Proposed 5-year capital improvement plan for Half Moon Bay also includes trails, sewers and drainage.

On Tuesday, the Half Moon Bay City Council will vote on adopting a 5-year plan which prioritizes improvements and upgrades to public facilities such as the and the , as well as its streets, sewers and drainage.

Approval of the plan — which will run from fiscal year 2012-2013 through fiscal year 2016-2017 — is similar to an approval of the Half Moon Bay master plan and does not signify a committment to funding the projects in the plan, according to the city. Specific project funding will be approved by the City Council later this year when it approves its 2012-2013 fiscal year budget.

The plan, which focuses on funding projects in five categories at an estimated total cost of over $76 million, allocates the highest amount to improvements of Half Moon Bay's streets and public facilities. Big-ticket items include upgrades or new construction for the Half Moon Bay Library ($30M), conducting state and national environmental studies on Highway 1 safety and congestion improvement plans ($15.7M), and the replacement of the ($7.54M).

Specific areas prioritized for capital improvements are:

1. Street Improvements

  • Highway 1 Safety/Congestion Improvements (which include environmental studies for plans to widening the roadway to increase traffic flow and obtaining Coastal Development Permit to create left hand turn lanes; $15.7M total over all fiscal years)
  • Main Street Bridge Replacement ($7.54M)
  • Highway 1 Trail Improvements (extending Highway 1 trail north of Kehoe Ave. and south of Seymour St.; $4.05M)
  • Annual Street Resurfacing ($3.75M)
  • Highway 1/Terrace Ave. Improvements (engineering design, obtaining of permits and construct improvements per the city's master plan for traffic safety and to ease congestion; $1.1M)
  • Annual Sidewalk Ramps ($250,000)
  • Traffic Sign Inventory and Replacement ($100,000)
  • New Grant Applications ($75,000)
  • Main St. Lights (energy efficiency improvements; $50,000)
  • Pavement Management System ($45,000)

     TOTAL: $32,657,000


2. Public Facilities and Buildings

  • Half Moon Bay Library (build entirely new library or seismically upgrade existing library and update its electrical system to bring it up to city's building code; $50,000 in FY 2016-2017 and $30M in 2016-2017+ fiscal years) 
  • Poplar Beach Access and Parking (expand parking to beach area and minimize spillover to local city streets; $450,000)
  • City Parking Lots (repair and resurface existing parking lots for city buildings; $140,000)
  • GIS Map Update ($135,000)
  • Cabrillo Highway Property Stewardship (maintain property and site drainage, discourage dumping in area, abate weeds; $100,000)
  • Emergency Operations Center (install high speed telecommunications service link between center and City Hall; $100,000)
  • Capital Improvement Plan Updates ($70,000)
  • Accessibility Improvements at City Facilities (bring city's public facilities up to compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act requirements; $60,000)

     TOTAL: $31,105,000


3. Sewer Improvements

  • Sewer Main Improvements/Rehabilitation (repair damaged sewer mains at locations identified by recent TV/video inspection; $2.5M total over all fiscal years)
  • Infiltration and Inflow Reduction - Citywide ($1.2M)
  • Infiltration and Inflow Reduction - Kehoe Ave. Vicinity ($950,000)
  • Pilarcitos Ave. Reroute to Sewer Authority Mid-Coastside (SAM) ($450,000)
  • Balboa Blvd. Sewer Main Upgrade ($305,000)
  • Sewer Lift Station Upgrades ($300,000)
  • Trunk Sewer Replacement Near SAM Treatment Plant ($150,000)
  • Sewer Service Rate Study ($150,000)
  • Flow Monitoring ($150,000)
  • Sewer System Map and Model ($130,000)

     TOTAL: $6,285,000

4. Parks and Trails

  • Coastside Community Site Improvements (build an 8-acre city maintenance park on city property south of SAM for Public Works; $2.3M total over all fiscal years)
  • Smith Field Park Improvements (access, parking, and recreational field; $2M)
  • Pilarcitos Creek Trail (extend trail from Highway 1 to Main St.; $400,000)
  • Seymour Trail Bridge Relocation (fund study to determine whether to relocate bridge or replace it over Seymour drainage channel; $230,000)

    TOTAL: $4,930,000


5. Drainage Improvements

  • Kehoe Ditch Improvements (design and construct drainage system to address excess flows in ditch through bypass system in order to minimize erosion in backyards of 40 homes adjacent to ditch and protect natural habitat; $820,000 total over all fiscal years)
  • Drainage Outfall Improvements ($270,000)
  • Drainage Channel Flow Clearance ($100,000)

     TOTAL: $1,190,000

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