County Celebrates 10 Years of Universal Coverage for Children

San Mateo County is one of only two counties in California to sustain health insurance for all children.

San Mateo County is marking a decade of ensuring all children in the region have health insurance.

On Feb. 6, the Children's Health Initiative will celebrate its 10th anniversary of universal health coverage for children, county officials said in a statement this week.

San Mateo County has the highest rate of insured children -- 95 percent -- among medium and large size counties in California, according to county officials.

With more than 36,000 children enrolled in a public health insurance program, including 4,700 in the locally created Healthy Kids program, San Mateo County is one of only two counties in California to sustain health insurance for all children.

Launched in 2003 by a coalition of concerned partners, San Mateo County Children’s Health Initiative has a broad-based and inclusive strategy to reach families in need of affordable health insurance.

Those strategies include partnering with schools, community-based organizations, advocates and leaders who prioritize the health of the community’s children.

“We are so proud to work in a County that invests in all its children,” Jean Fraser, Chief of San Mateo County Health System, said in a statement.

The Children’s Health Initiative has benefited from the sustained support of four core funders, including San Mateo County, First5 of San Mateo County, Peninsula Health Care District and Sequoia Health Care District.

The pediatric healthcare community, the Health Plan of San Mateo, and San Mateo County’s Health System and Human Services Agency have also all played major roles in this initiative’s success.

“Our work and learnings prepare us well to reach and serve families who will benefit from the Affordable Care Act’s implementation in San Mateo County,” said Maya Altman, Chief Executive Officer of the Health Plan of San Mateo.

The County will celebrate this ten year milestone with an event for program organizers, leadership, staff, partners and parents and children who are program participants and have volunteered to share their experiences.

Learn more on the web at www.smcchi.org


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