Governor Says Tax Boost Needed To Maintain California Dream

As elections near, Brown makes another appeal for Prop. 30 to California voters

Gov. Jerry Brown, seeking to promote his Proposition 30 tax initiative, told a San Francisco audience Thursday that, "the California dream is still vibrant," but said the tax increase is needed to keep it that way.

The measure on the Nov. 6 state ballot would temporarily increase sales taxes by one-fourth of a cent per dollar and raise income taxes for people who earn more than $250,000 per year.

The estimated $6 billion raised annually would be devoted to education, including 89 percent to public schools and 11 percent to community colleges.

“Proposition 30 is fair, it's moral, it represents the best in our California tradition and it is critical to maintaining the California dream,” Brown told a noontime gathering of 250 people at the Commonwealth Club.

Brown said that despite California's budget woes, "We're the leading place in innovation and technology in the world.

“We have a fabulous state that we live in,” he said. “This is a vibrant, creative place with one of the most extraordinary collections of human beings in the whole world.”

But “we have to invest in our kids, colleges, and brain power” to keep that technological and creative edge, Brown said.

The current state budget enacted at the end of June is based on an assumption that voters will approve the tax measure and contains automatic trigger cuts of $6 billion to schools if it is not passed.

Those cuts would result in a shortening of the school year by two or three weeks and a "serious increase" in public college tuition, Brown warned.

If Proposition 30 passes, the increased sales tax would be in effect for four years and the income tax surcharge for seven.

The latest Field Poll, which was released Thursday, shows 48 percent of a sample of likely voters in favor of the measure, 38 percent against and 14 percent undecided.

A competing initiative, Proposition 38, led by Pasadena attorney Molly Munger, would increase income taxes for almost all Californians on a sliding scale and would dedicate the $10 billion raised each year to public schools and early childhood education.

The new Field Poll showed that measure trailing, with 34 percent of likely voters supporting, 49 percent opposed and 17 percent undecided.

Bay City News Service

SP November 06, 2012 at 05:24 AM
Great point. I was under the impression that one of the big issues with prop 30 was that it was not dedicated solely to education. Anything that flows through the general fund is at riskof being wasted. However, having school age children I feel like I'm stuck.
Guy Thompson November 06, 2012 at 07:28 PM
California is Obama's dream: http://redpillreport.net/2012/08/15/california-is-obamas-dream/
Dave Francis November 16, 2012 at 09:40 PM
Obviously there is an exception to this rule, whereas there are special needs people, the sick and handicapped in some form or other. There are the homeless veterans and plenty other others, but we have become an public assistance nation, but some of the 49 percent that Mitt Romney talked about have scrounged their way through life and allowed the taxpayers to carry them. A great number have figured a way to deceive the welfare system, which is a stain on the real workers. Because the system could easily be thwarted, with stolen ID, the elderly and the sick lose their major assistance to the scroungers. When we cannot truly look after our troops returning from the warzones and still have millions of homeless without hope, then why are we either bringing in millions of legal immigrants, other than highly skilled workers that are always welcome? Why is not illegal entry a Felony? CAN ANYBODY ANSWER THAT QUESTION?
Dave Francis November 16, 2012 at 09:40 PM
HOW MANY LEGISLATORS ARE BRAZENLY LYING ABOUT THE TRUE DEFICIT IN THE 50 STATES? California has the highest population of illegal aliens who have settled there. Thousands of children of illegal alien parents gaining automatic citizenship and the cost is thrown at the taxpayers. Health care and other free handouts that are the right of citizens is being disbursed to anybody who sneaks across the border or steps off a plane. None of the 50 states is exempt from this silent attack on our country or the pilfering of their general treasuries. Now the Democrats have their majority public entitlements will be pouring out across the state to all the “Freeloader voters” the spongers and the people who have no intention of finding a job. A large proportion who pay no taxes at all, the parasitic people who are a great windfall for the Democrats and Liberals, who believe we owe them a living?
Dave Francis November 16, 2012 at 09:41 PM
MULTIPLE LIES COMING FROM THE DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY ASSEMBLY IN THE SANCTUARY STATE. Stephen Frank Stated on 11/14/2012 on California deficits as follows at http://capoliticalnews.com/ In the past two months, the cash deficit of the State has gone from $22.3 billion to $24.7 billion—just for the first four months of the year. Plus the State OWES $12.5 billion to K-12 education It owes $15 billion stolen from Trust Funds to cover cash deficit It owes $10 billion BORROWED to cover the rest of the cash deficit. The State owes the Feds $10 billion for the loan to the unemployment insurance fund—so California can continue to send out unemployment checks. That is a total of $71.5 billion—and there is more. Yet, the State claims “California faces a $1.9 billion deficit through June 2014, significantly smaller than in recent years after voters passed two tax initiatives last week, the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office said last Wednesday” They claim we will have this small deficit, instead of $71 billion because of the $9 billion Prop. 30 is going to bring in, in new revenues! Any wonder our kids are illiterate—this is the math taught in our schools. Government lies—and tries to make you feel good about being insolvent. Seems like marijuana must be legal in government offices, he has studied.


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