Meet Your Harbor District General Manager

Do you know who operates the San Mateo County Harbor District? Here’s someone you need to know in our town.


Name: Peter Grenell

Title: General Manager

Organization: San Mateo County Harbor District

Office address: Pillar Point Harbor, One Johnson Pier, Half Moon Bay, and Oyster Point Marina, 95 Harbormaster Road, #1 South San Francisco

Years on the job: 15

When it comes to civic duties, what's your mission: The best public service I can provide.

What do you love about your job on the Coast: Always interesting, never boring, constant solving of puzzles.

What's the most challenging part of your job: Herding cats of many varieties. Harmonizing diverse desires and interests; not necessarily just balancing through compromising (where each must lose something to gain something), but seeking mutual accommodations in which all are satisfied without feeling a loss. For example, a developer gets his investment return through a different plan from his/her original, while environmental concerns (public beach access, or habitat protection) are achieved, and local government still gets tax revenue but from a different development outcome.

Key services your organization does for the Coastside community: Saves lives, operates a facility (Pillar Point Harbor) that Coastsiders pushed hard to create, provides services and opportunities for public events not limited to “boats and ropes.”

When you're not working, what do you do to relax and enjoy life: Play in a few bands — rock and roll, blues, jug, Americana (whatever that is) — for They Call Me Lucky, Sandbar Band, Blind Lemon Pledge, Babar Jug Band.

How can people best contact you: harbordistrict@smharbor.com

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