New Community Group Opposes Widening Highway 1

Members of 'Pacificans for Highway 1 Alternatives' say the project would take too long and is too costly. The group is calling officials to seek out other less expensive and faster solutions.

While some local residents and officials are excited about the prospect to wide Highway 1 and thereby, hopefully, relieve traffic and congestion, a new group of Pacificans are rising up and protesting the idea.

The group is calling itself "Pacificans for Highway 1 Alternatives," or "PH1A."

Representatives from the group, who sent out a press release earlier this week, say they believe widening the highway is not the answer to ongoing problems, and is not an efficient use of taxpayer money.

 “PH1A wants alternatives implemented that can help relieve traffic congestion sooner than the widening project, at less cost, and with far less impacts to neighborhoods, businesses, and the environment,” said Pete Shoemaker, chairman of the new group.

Among the potential alternatives PH1A members are suggesting are re-timing and coordinating the Vallemar and Fassler traffic lights, modifications to the Reina Del Mar Avenue intersection, a flex lane with moveable cones, increased public transportation, increased school bus service, car and van pools, and changes to school schedules.

“In public meetings and in the 212 written comments submitted to Caltrans concerning its Draft Environmental Impact Report, two-thirds of all comments were critical of the widening project, which wouldn't offer traffic relief until years from now,” said Nick Leone, a member of PH1A.

PH1A supports the approach recommended by the California Coastal Commission staff, members of which said the EIR “should fully evaluate a range of alternatives that could meet the purpose and need of the project, including alternatives that would reduce traffic congestion, but would not result in significant adverse impacts on coastal resources.”

PH1A members say California State Assemblyman Jerry Hill has also called for studying the alternatives to identify the most cost-effective solutions.

“The highway widening proposal is the most costly project, it is years away from being implemented, there isn’t sufficient funding for it, and if it is ever built it will create terrible traffic delays during two-plus years of construction,” said Hal Bohner, another PH1A member.

“We want alternatives to the widening that can be implemented sooner to reduce traffic congestion, that will not create major traffic delays during construction, that will be far less costly, and will have far fewer impacts on our environment and our economy,” said Cynthia Kaufman, a PH1A member.

For more information on Pacificans for Highway 1 Alternatives, contact the group at PHwy1A@gmail.com or visit their Facebook page.


PATCH WANTS TO KNOW - Do you support the widening of Highway 1? Or do you think this group is right, and it's too lengthy and expensive of a solution? Tell us in the comments below.


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Ben Thare September 09, 2012 at 10:45 PM
Frank Parks spewed: "Hutch, I've come to the conclusion that you don't really care about Pacifica and seem to be only interested in bringing discourse to any post you get involved with so why don't you just move and leave us the hell alone? Freak!" Congratulations, Hutch! You have made the official enemy's list of PH1A (aka: Friends of Pacifica, Pacificans for Sustainable Development, and several other short lived groups that survived only long enough to kill the targeted project, e.g., Fish and Bowl, Barry Swenson's old sewer plant project). Don't know who Frank Parks is but you can bet Goodwolves and/or PH1A Pres. Shoemaker do. BTW, these are the same people who have filed malicious lawsuits in order to intimidate/harass supporters of projects and City Council candidates that they oppose. In fact, they even stooped to calling ex Quarry developer and Pres. Obama short-lister Don Peebles a racist, i.e., until they discovered he was black. Then they used every other pejorative under the sun. They represent the absolute worst of what we know to be "Pacifica".
Frank Parks September 09, 2012 at 11:01 PM
Ben - you are so wrong! I don't know "goodwolves", nor "Shoemaker". I am just someone that loves living in Pacifica, loves the small town feel of it, and does not want to see it destroyed! If that makes me the worst of what you know to be Pacifica, then perhaps you should move along with Hutch - perhaps the two of you could live together! Sticks and stones.. If I am a "NIMBY" than so be it - I will gladly embrace the term. I have seen what happens to places when development is put first, and once they are destroyed (although at the time it is always characterized as "improved"), they NEVER ever return to the way they were. Pacifica will NEVER be able to have several sustainable business models along the highway. We will always be a town that people drive through (for the most part). The only thing that I see that would change this would be if both sides of the highway were completely developed, and a normal 3 or 4 lane each way freeway were installed. Then we could have Targets, and Walmarts, and Mall's and look like every other place. The ideas that are floated in the name of improvement are such B.S.! We don't NEED another "hotel" at the treatment plant, we don't need an improved Palmetto "mainstreet". What a crock! Have you looked at the proposed plans for these ideas? They show people walking down the street, sitting at tables, and at the new boutique hotel, sitting outside eating! Get a grip, we don't have the weather for this! It's too damn cold, this ain't LA !
Frank Parks September 09, 2012 at 11:02 PM
nor Florida, nor somewhere else where there is beachfront development with the weather to support it! This is a small, coastal, FOGGY town that I love!
hutch September 09, 2012 at 11:45 PM
Why do you hate Pacifica so Frank? In looking at all your past comments it seems they are all very negative. It's a nice day, go enjoy the sun. Yes SUN!
Frank Parks September 09, 2012 at 11:53 PM
Oh please "Hutch", my point ( as any reasonable person would realize ) is that we don't have enough sun year round. I will no longer respond to your nonsense! You and Ben have moved to Oklahoma as far as I'm concerned .


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