November Ballot: City, County, State Tax Hike Proposals

The November ballot will be packed with opportunities for Half Moon Bay residents to raise their own taxes.

The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to place a measure on the November ballot to raise the sales tax an extra half-cent. The increased revenue, an estimated $60 million per year, will go into the general fund. The ballot was already packed with proposed tax hikes.

The City of Half Moon Bay is also asking for an extra half-cent for use on improvement projects.

Gov. Jerry Brown has two tax hikes in his Prop. 30--and extra quarter-cent sales tax, plus increased income taxes on wage earners above $250K.

Also on the state ballot--Prop. 38 would raise income taxes for everyone earning over $7300. And Prop. 39 would increase income taxes on multi-state businesses, forcing companies to calculate taxes based on the percentage of their sales in California.

If all three sales tax increases pass, the sales tax in Half Moon Bay will be 9.5 percent.

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