Ongoing Coverage of Election Day 2012 in Imperial Beach

Patch will keep you posted on all the races and propositions that affect Imperial Beach.

Election Night Coverage

Imperial Beach Voters Reject Prop. S

Prop Y Overwhelmingly Approved

Barack Obama Re-Elected President

Video: Vargas Becomes Region's First Hispanic Congressman

'Yes' Votes Prevail on Proposition 30

Incumbents Win Tight Sweetwater School Board Race

Update 1:35 p.m. I went to four of nine polling places in IB and found that women made up 14 of 20 volunteers, and about half of all volunteers seemed to be under 30. Did you find the same?

Since the last presidential election, voter registration has increased from 10,818 to 11,106, despite a 2.5 percent decline in population. 2010 census results state that the population of Imperial Beach is about 26,000.


It’s time to hit the polls, Imperial Beach.

Months of campaign efforts come to an end Tuesday as local voters decide who will lead the city, and who they’ll send to Sacramento and Washington, D.C. There are a baker’s dozen of state and local ballot measures to approve or reject.

IB will vote for candidates to fill two open City Council seats, four school board seats in two school districts, and a State Assembly representative. Prop. S will decide whether Imperial Beach will allow medical marijuana dispensaries, and Prop. Y is a $26 million bond measure for the South Bay Union School District.

Elsewhere, Californians will vote on 11 propositions.

And, oh yeah, voters will also choose a president.

How will Imperial Beach vote today? Check Patch for ongoing coverage of all the races and propositions that affect the city. Below is a list of what we will be following throughout the day.

For more information about each candidate or proposition, click on the hyperlink.

Imperial Beach City Council: There are two seats open, and six candidates.

  • Ron Moody
  • Erika Lowery
  • Bobby Patton
  • Brian Pat Bilbray
  • Valerie Acevez
  • Jim King

51st Congressional District: There is one seat open and two candidates.

  • Michael Crimmins
  • Juan Vargas

78th State Assembly: There is one seat open and two candidates.

  • Toni Atkins
  • Ralph Denney

Sweetwater Union High School District: There are two seats open, and six candidates.

Seat #2

  • George Cameron
  • Pearl Quinones
  • Jesseca Sanez-Gonzalez
  • John Vogel

Seat #4

  • Bertha Lopez
  • Burt Grossman

Prop S: Safe Access Ordinance of Imperial Beach

Prop Y: $26 million bond measure for school improvements

Prop 30: Temporary Taxes to Fund Education

Prop 31: State Budget Process

Prop 32: Political Contributions by Payroll Deductions

Prop 33: Auto Insurance Rates

Prop 34: Death Penalty Repeal

Prop 35: Human Trafficking/Sex Offender Penalties

Prop 36: Three Strikes Law

Prop 37: Genetically Modified Foods

Prop 38: Tax to Fund Education and Early Childhood Programs  

Prop 39: Multistate Business Tax

Prop 40: Redistricting

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John Galt November 07, 2012 at 03:22 AM
Patch et al, Thank you for the service you have provided to our community. Prop S has become a watershed moment in our cities history. Whether it passes or not the discussion has been great. Some of the conversation has become quite vile. My own position has been made quite clear here on the Patch. And as much as others would like to think otherwise my interests is truly to protect our city. So here's a cheer to everyone who participated in all the debate. It is been healthy and frustrating for some and a lively debate. I would like for everyone to meet tonight after the polls close at eight at the Tin Fish and go down and have a beer and celebrate the fact that we all managed to make it through this. Thank you again to the Patch for hosting.
Brash Brazen November 07, 2012 at 04:29 AM
Elizabeth Emken candicacy is indicative of the problems facing California Republicans ! Her only political experience was finishing fourth in the 2010 Republican primary for the privelege of opposing Nor Cal Congressman Jerry McNerney who was eventually re-elected ! She's such an unknown that I'd wager that no Republican reading this could name any of the other three candidates who beat her ! She just put her ambition before common sense as everyone knew that Diane Feinstein would win re-election handily ! Thanks to Abel Maldonado we now have several races where either the Democrats are running unopposed or against each other & when the final votes are counted the Democrats may have a "super-majority" in the Legislature further marginalizing GOP voters ! Maybe they'll wise up & move back toward the middle,but I'm wagering against it !!!
Brash Brazen November 07, 2012 at 04:40 AM
While much of the conversation surrounding Measure S has been heated & inflammatory the vitriol has been spread pretty evenly on both sides ! I for one enjoy giving it back as good as I get,but in the end everybody does have to be able to work & live together ! And whether you want to join John to bury the hatchet (& I don't leave the handle sticking out) with a beer or you'd rather stick a blunt in your piehole at Measure S Headquarters the election is over & we all want what we perceive is in the best interest of Imperial Beach !!!
Brash Brazen November 07, 2012 at 04:42 AM
That should read "& I don't mean leave the handle sticking out",that's what happens when you type fast & neglect to proof-read,my bad !
Sissy Jacks November 07, 2012 at 03:17 PM
HOW??????? on Gods green earth the populace of the south bay would re elect a person who is facing SEVERAL felony indictments to sit on a school board that has been/continues to be plagued with alleged corruption is simply beyond my comprehension. fortunately the legal system will serve as a back up - a jury of her peers will see and hear the evidence, read the emails that she typed, listen to the testimony of the 2 major contractors who plead guilty. i sit here this morning stunned, in one hand we had an indicted felon in the other George Cameron - a man of integrity - how my fellow neighbors chose to vote in quinones is simply beyond comprehension. our students deserved far better from we the adults.


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