Poll: What Should the City Do With the $70 Million From PG&E?

Ideas have already started floating around about how the city should spend the $70 million from the settlement reached with PG&E. What do you think the city should do?

Now that the city has with PG&E as restitution to support the city’s recovery efforts following the tragic 2010 pipeline explosion, the big question is: What's the city going to do with the money?

Mayor Jim Ruane for how the restitution could be used back in February when he first announced that compensation talks were taking place with PG&E.

Residents have since chimed in with their ideas about how the money could be spent.

Nothing has been decided yet, but here's an opportunity to have your say by taking our poll today. If you have another idea not listed in the poll, feel free to add it in the comments.

Heidi Beck March 18, 2012 at 01:29 AM
Part of me likes the idea of a using it for a new sports and recreation complex (including a new pool) or a new library because those would be visible reminders/memorials, but part of me likes the idea of it going to water/sewer improvements -- that is less visible but benefits current and future San Brunans because it would keep the city from having to raise our water and sewer rates by 10 percent a year for the next few years (do the math and see how that is going to hit you in the pocketbook!) AND would keep us from experiencing sewer backups and main breaks so often, not to mention keeping the city from having to pay huge fines for polluting the bay -- fines the city (and, by extension, us) can ill afford.
M Z March 18, 2012 at 05:26 AM
I would like the money to be put toward the water/sewer improvements. My water/sewer/garbage bill is already more than double what it was when I moved into my house 12 years ago and we are using less water/garbage with more people. The water and sewer improvements are for everyone. Hopefully, there will be money left over for other things that are needed. Swimming pool, fields,library, and much more that need repair / replacement. Personally, I think the water / sewer tops the list of urgently needing to be done. Looking at the water flowing, we need this done sooner than later. I can not afford the 10% increase for water and the 10% increase for sewer year after year that they are suggesting.
MS March 23, 2012 at 03:02 AM
I agree with M Z; I just came home to find the notices of proposed increases to garbage/recycling and water/sewer. If you need infrastructure improvements, use this money so that it benefits all of San Bruno. In this economy, seeing all these increases is frustrating....I've been hearing about replacement and fixing of old pipes for a while, and it seems to be a huge capital project. Utilities are already a huge part of household expenses....PG&E, water/sewer, garbage/recycling, SB Cable....every household uses the water/sewer services, so my vote for usage of the money is water/sewer improvements to help all San Brunans.
Anthony Swedberg March 24, 2012 at 03:36 AM
I believe that sewer/water improvements tops the list of much needed funding for repair without having to raise the rates. How much will it cost to replace the current infrastructure? This should be brought immediately to the city council. I also believe a sports complex is a great investment for the future of our kids. The San Bruno sports programs are some of the best on the peninsula. Support them!!! Ok, let's move on to solar power for each home. As far as I know, there isn't one city in the nation that has full solar on all residence homes. Cities like San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco lead the state in projects but imagine the possibility of being one of the first entire communities in the nation with full solar?? All of the comments I have read are very interesting and could add value to our beloved city. We have one hurdle...the people who run our city. By the people, for the people.
BAX April 24, 2012 at 12:42 AM
Sports Complex for sure. The Crestmoor high school site is a great idea. If San Bruno doesn't buy it and someone else does? No more soccer fields right? Installing turf at Parkside would also be great. I'm all for the sports ideas. I played baseball and soccer in San Bruno at every level growing up, from age 8 to 18. We love our sports here in BRUNO.


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