Candidate For Supervisor Visits Downtown HMB

Shelly Masur reaches out to Half Moon Bay business owners to convey plans for making San Mateo County more business friendly.

Candidate for Supervisor Shelly Masur and Supervisor Don Horsley visited downtown Half Moon Bay Wednesday afternoon, calling on local businesses and talking to their owners and customers about how San Mateo County can help businesses in the area. They also discussed issues critical to business owners and average voters.

“Small businesses are a vital part of our County and local economy,” said Masur. “As Supervisor, I will work with local businesses, creating partnerships to make our County government more efficient and making our County more business friendly.”

The visit included stops at 10 different businesses in downtown Half Moon Bay, including , the , , , , and .

On Main Street, Masur and Horsley talked to people about ways that the County can collaborate with local businesses to improve government efficiency and support local communities, as well as resources available from the County to help businesses.

In turn, they learned about the ways that Half Moon Bay businesses are working with the Half Moon Bay Chamber of Commerce to improve the community by supporting local schools through partnerships and bringing members to teach students important life skills such as personal finances and resume basics. 

“Businesses look to the County as a leader across the various jurisdictions throughout our County,” said Masur. “The County can pass legislation, like the recent Styrofoam ban, as a model for policies that make it easier for local businesses to operate in these various areas, even with the different laws and regulations in each city.”

Masur says there are a number of key County resources available for local businesses and the County is working to make more businesses aware of them. 

“The Affordable Care Act will bring millions of dollars in health care funds to San Mateo County,” said Masur. “The County can work with businesses to make sure eligible employees are on the County health care plan and the County health exchange, reducing costs for businesses and increasing access to health care.”

Masur, who plans to build partnerships and collaboration among the County, businesses, non-profits and others, says her plans as Supervisor "will continue the work being done to improve communication between the county and local businesses, helping them understand the resources available from the County at their disposal.” 


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Brian Ginna April 20, 2012 at 02:36 PM
Just what we need, another Supervisor backed by labor unions. Add that to her backing by Leland Yee, a pawn of special interests to the nth degree. Pass. http://shellymasur.ngpvanhost.com/content/endorsements
Acela Sarabia April 20, 2012 at 07:10 PM
We couldn't do any worse than that ribbon cutting lazy, questionable former Rich Gordon, who I know granted favors to certain parties where construction and the bldg. dept came in. Fake inspections were made and houses were built inadequately and he would be the first person i would suspect of running his dept.from over the hill where he was campaigning and won for Assemblyman. A climber was he. He was pissed that he couldn't cut the ribbon for the tunnel opening while running for Assemblyman.
John Kevranian May 17, 2012 at 09:53 PM
Vote for Shelly Masur for San Mateo County Board of Supervisor!


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