POLL: Do you support Cabrillo Unified's $81M bond measure for local schools?

Tell us if you're willing to vote yes when the measure appears on June's ballot.

On March 9, the filed papers to put an measure up for voter approval on June 5. Funds will be earmarked for repairs, improvements, upgrades and rehabilitation projects at District schools.

Do you support this measure? Weigh in by voting in our poll below.

Read on for a summary of the measure. To read the full text submitted to the San Mateo County elections office, click on the PDF document to the media box at right.


The District estimates that property owners would pay $45 per $100,000 of the assessed value of their property (taken during fiscal year 2012-2013 and fiscal year 2022-2023).

The bond would go towards District schools as follows:

  • Replacing leaky roofs
  • Safety repairs and upgrades to school facilities (e.g. heating, cooling and plumbing systems; playground equipment)
  • Equip classrooms with 21st technology (e.g. computers, LCD projectors, laser printers, servers)
  • Capital improvement to energy, water and  utility systems (e.g. installing solar panels, renovating restrooms, replacing and renovating the pool at Half Moon Bay High School, consolidating or relocating District administrative offices to improve efficienty and save money) 

Bond proceeds will not be allowed to fund District administrative salaries.

Implementing measures of accountability would be required if the bond passed, including an independent citizens' oversight committee established by the Board of Education within 60 days, as well as an annual performance and financial audit. A report with the Board of Education each January would also have to be filed listing the status of monies received and expended from bond proceeds, as well as the status of projects funded with proceeds.

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Cid March 26, 2012 at 07:45 PM
OH, GREAT ...NOW it's up to $85 Million? (Or is the Title an error?)
Cid June 04, 2012 at 07:50 PM
VOTERS PLEASE NOTE: THAT THE MEASURE S BOND is for an unspecified term of 25 OR 40 years to be determined after you vote. Same with the interest rate. This information is not in the abbreviated ballot language and several Measure S "cheerleaders" are glossing over this fact. Would you take out a loan without knowing the rate and term of the obligation? No Blank checks! Home Owners are struggling. This $81 Million Dollar extraction from Coastside Property Owners' home budgets is outrageous at this time in the economy so that schools can have a New Trophy Pool (They have one already); Solar Panels (This too can wait for better times) and Astroturf, Excuse me, what's wrong with grass? Astroturf has approximately a 10 year life and is not easily disposed of. The most egregious "request" on their wish list is a $15,000,000 (MILLION ) dollar Performing Arts Center. We have a community theater in town. Com'on, folks. All these things would be "nice to have" but aren't needs that will educate the kids better. VOTERS NEED TO BE EDUCATED AND REALLY READ THE FULL BALLOT LANGUAGE, NOT JUST THE ABBREVIATED VERSION . VOTE NO ON MEASURE S! We don't need to vote ourselves another dish of pain. Use what we've got until the economy improves. "Use it up , Wear it out, Make do, Do without!" That is the conversation going on in family budgeting, so what are we teaching our kids, whine until you get what you want, even if you don't need it?


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