Photos and Quotes: Bike to Work Day

An assortment of images and comments gathered from commuters on the Peninsula who shunned four wheels for a two-wheeler on Thursday.


Manito Velasco/experienced biker (traveling from Burlingame to San Francisco every day): "I hate walking. It takes a little bit of moxi to try it in the beginning, but it gets addictive after awhile. I don't have time to go to the gym anyway, so with this - two birds with one stone."

Julie Walsh/first time biker (traveling from South San Francisco to Mountain View): "We've never biked to work, so we're taking baby steps, and taking Caltrain to Mountain View, and then biking five miles to work. It's nice, it's a nice day, not too cold, so it's more enticing." ("And do you think you'll do this tomorrow?") "No. Well, I might do it again if it's not to strenuous, and timewise, we're really experimenting today. Google, where we work, was sending out e-mails, and kind of encouraging everyone to go. So, we thought we'd join in on the fun. I can see myself doing this once a week if the weather's nice."

Elizabeth Lee/first time biker (traveling from South San Francisco to Mountain View): "It's going well. It's exciting, it's refreshing for us, especially when you're always sitting in a car, or a bus, or...this is not usual for us, especially with the summer and the sun out." ("And tomorrow?") "Um no, probably not on a daily basis, but maybe in the future we'll think about how often we can do it."

Kelly O'Dea/long-time commuter (traveling from San Francisco to Millbrae): "I've been on board with not commuting by car for about 13 years, and I'm really passionate about it. It's one of the things I really believe in, so every opportunity that I get I'm trying to encourage people to think differently and do things differently, and I'm always trying to open up that conversation."

Carlos Demelo/first time biker (traveling from Oakland to Belmont): "Unfortunately, this is my one day a year to be sustainable and ride a bike. I wish I could to it more; I have a pretty healthy commute every day. One day a year, I try to get out there and ride my bike. It's good exercise, you're certainly going to be saving money with the price of gas these days, and it's good for the environment, so there's a lot of good reasons to do it. It's a good feeling today; I did a little bit for the environment."

Tony Tzeng/once a week biker (traveling from Millbrae to Redwood City) "I usually try to bike about once a week or so, when the weather is decent. For the exercise. Doesn't have anything in particular to do with this day, but it is nice when it aligns. Definitely a great way to get some exercise. I know quite a few people who use biking as a way to lose quite a bit of weight and get back in shape. Plus, when it's a nice day like we have here in the Bay Area, why not?"

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