Father of Santa Barbara Shooting Victim Meets With Father of Killer

screen grab from ABC News
screen grab from ABC News
Photos of an emotional meeting between the fathers of one of the victims in the University of California Santa Barbara shooting spree and the father of the killer were released Monday.

Richard Martinez is the father of 20-year-old Christopher Martinez, who was killed during the May 24 shooting. Martinez met with Peter Rodger, whose 22-year-old son Elliot killed six people after posting a series of Youtube videos in which he complained about women and his life.

The men have kept the details of the June 1 meeting private. Martinez did say following the meeting that they "plan to work together so other families such as ours will not suffer as ours have," ABC News reported.

Martinez has been critical of U.S. gun laws and politcians. In the days after the shooting, CNN quoted Martinez: "Where is the leadership? Where is the friggin' politicians that will stand up and say, 'We need to do this. We're gonna do something. Those gutless bastards did nothing. And my son died because of it. And it's outrageous. Absolutely outrageous."

Rodger's parents also issued a statement after the shooting that stated they were "staunchly against guns" and supported gun-control laws, the Daily Mail stated.

Patch's Coverage of the Santa Barbara Shooting

Lone Stranger June 18, 2014 at 04:50 PM
This is what happens when Hollywood filth comes home to roost. A spoiled rich kid who kills because he is a sissy. Loser supreme
Grumpy Old Man June 18, 2014 at 06:06 PM
Mark Glaze, the former executive director of Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns admitted shortly after his resignation that the laws proposed by that group wouldn't have stopped the mass killings which prompted them. Over 50 mayors have left that group claiming that the group is not for gun control but gun confiscation from law abiding citizens. The overwhelming majority of homicides in this country are not committed by mass killers but by gang bangers in urban cities battling for drug profits in which other gang bangers and unfortunately many innocent bystanders get killed. These punks do not care about any law and will get their guns by whatever means necessary - straw purchases, steal, Mexico, etc. The only people who are directly affected by these gun laws are law abiding citizens whom are then deprived of their ability to defend themselves and their families - we hear all about the mass murders, the accidental shootings - how many reports do we have of homeowners or others using their weapons, legally, to repel home invaders and other criminals - not in the main stream media - and then they constantly try to scare us with stories about how we gun owners have more to fear from our own guns than the thugs we use them against have to fear from us. I feel sorry for Richard Martinez - he lost his son and that should not have to happen to anyone - unfortunately it does - and he passes on the blame to law abiding citizens who form the NRA for their opposition to laws which have not and will not prevent these types of crimes.
GLENN June 19, 2014 at 08:23 AM
false flag?
Artemis Gordon June 20, 2014 at 09:38 AM
I'm staunchly Against sociopaths and psychos who are allowed the freedom to kill with hammers and knives and bats which kill more innocent lives then firearms. If we can't create a norplant type drug delivery sys that the psychos can't beat then we need to lock them up permanently, for everyone's safety.
Steve M June 20, 2014 at 01:08 PM
It's just that firearms are so much more effective for mass murders, just ask Anders Behring Breivik. If someone opened the door to the Sorority house where Elliot Roger was knocking on, he would of got a lot farther.


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