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I have for many years been very active publishing material that directly pertained to the Village of Patchogue. I started publishing  the Maple Avenue Gazette, about 17 years ago. This publication was originally delivered in paper form; it was eventually migrated to online digital form.  
Before "Patch" was operating in our area, I was just about the only person writing about Patchogue related issues. The mainstream media was too busy following their own agenda to pay any attention to the good things that were happening in the Village of Patchogue. I spent an appreciable amount of time trying to stop the Mainstream Media from publishing derogatory articles about Patchogue. My most active Blogs are the "Maple Avenue Gazette," and the Sachem High School Alumni Gazette." In both cases , content  consists of both original articles, public notices, and material provided by the readers. http://mapleavenuenw.blogspot.com/ http://reunion98.blogspot.com/ I come from an Electronics background and eventually  found myself working in a Graduate School. I was hired because of my specialized electronic skills and training. I was not told that an integral part of my job was to write manuals, reports, and memos. 40 years ago my literary skills were marginal at best. At that time, it had not yet registered in my mind, that I was writing to a building full of college professors. I was totally shocked when three copies of my first memorandum were delivered to me, marked with Red pens, and graded. With time I eventually learned to function in a graduate school environment, under the close scrutiny of 40 college professors. There were 40 Professors in the graduate school at that time. So; 40 professors times 40 years, times two semesters per year equals 3,200. I had effectively taken a course in English Composition 3,200 times. Subject to that amount of scrutiny even a Chimpanzee should have no trouble writing a novel!  
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