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Frank Zgonc is a photographer trained and degreed in commercial photography from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. He has resided in Los Angeles since the mid-80's and been in the community of Monrovia since 1994. He is a proud board member and active artist with the Monrovia Association of Fine Arts. He helps organize the annual 'Celebrate the Arts' held each October. He can be found in the Paint n Play 2 Art Studio and Gallery in Monrovia's Old Town. In spite of this commercial training and back ground he is able to meaner off into exploration of a variety of paths in the fine art photography realm.  His art is heavily influenced by the Old Dutch Masters and the impressionists from the turn of the last century. A mixed bag that shows up in his traditional landscapes and his very surreal impressionistic works, often being co-mingled. Recent explorations have included the addition of color via hand application to black and white negatives that are scanned and coverted into digital images that can be further manipulated, or not.  Frank's art is often signed 'frazgo' to differentiate it from the commercial work he has done in the past. frazgo is also his blogging handle where he writes about everything from his art on a personal blog, all things Los Angeles on blogging.la and cars on the So Cal Auto Blog which he is co-owner of. Google him to find out what's going on with his art or blogging when you have the time to sit and read for a while.
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