Kevin King
The son of a Pennsylvanian and a Hoosier, I was born in Southern California and spent my youth reading classic literature at night, studying all things mathematical during the day and playing basketball at any waking moment in between. 
In 2005, I graduated from California State University, Long Beach, with a major in English (creative writing) with a minor in print journalism.  After college, I went on to hold positions and write for Option Magazine, The Log Newspaper and Crittenden publishing. After my wife, Stephanie, and I discovered the gem that is Northern California on several vacations and trips, we moved from sunny Hungtington Beach to beautiful Petaluma in 2008. I feel tremendously lucky to be able to live up here and enjoy the relaxing climate, the good people and the great wine. -- I believe, that when applied correctly, journalism can impart knowledge, enlighten minds and bring understanding to the community.  When I'm not playing or watching basketball, you can find me working in my garden or (usually) writing at my desk.
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